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Looking to revamp your dining room?

If your current dining area feels tired and worn out, then you can make some simple changes to upscale this room into a fresh eating space. Whether you’re a couple or a family, the dining room plays an important role in the home, where you can both eat and enjoy some quality time together. So, we’ve pulled together a guide to show you how easy it can be to transform your dining room into gastro heaven!

It all starts with the dining room table

You have a dining table that you really don’t want to part with, it’s been in your family for years, and it’s solid and reliable. So, start with this as your largest piece of furniture and work from there. If you want to keep your table, then think about how it looks and what you can use to refresh the rest of the room. There are some simple ways to upscale a dining table.

Check the table material – could you refresh or alter this in some way?
If it’s a traditional wooden table, consider applying a wood stain, coloured wax or create a Frenchic chalky, mineral paint effect. If the table’s marked, sand the surface gently to hide any blemishes. But if you have a modern table made from glass and metal, your choices might be more limited. In this instance, why not cover with a textured table throw or runner? There are infinite options available in almost every colour and fabric to suit any interior style.


Look at the table positioning – how are the chairs placed?
Do you have a cramped corner or a place setting that results in someone always knocking their knees against the table? You could shift the table slightly into a different part of the room. Or push the table against a wall for extra leg space elsewhere. Move the chairs around the table. If you don’t need every place setting, could you reduce from six chairs to four or four to two? Sometimes the most obvious changes are right in front of our eyes.

Is it time to get rid of the old and bring in the new  

Once you’ve figured out what changes you can make to your dining room, it’s time to look at your chairs. Think about the purpose of the room; do you only eat in this space or do you work from your dining room table? Unless you’re regularly entertaining large groups of people, you may not need every dining chair every single day.

Assess your chairs – could you replace or add new ones?
One innovative idea is to lose a couple of standard dining chairs and add two statement accent chairs at either end of a table. So, instead of six seats you don’t always use, you could reduce or replace with two stunning feature chairs. This can create a dramatic transformation to a dining room. And as the current trend of home working is likely to stay for some time, you could always add two modern fancy office chairs to your table instead.


Are your existing chairs comfortable – how could you upscale these?
If you want to enjoy spending hours chatting to family and friends after a delicious home-cooked meal, then you need to be comfortably seated. If you have traditional chairs with either vintage or designer appeal, then it might be worth getting these reupholstered. But if your chairs have had their day, then it’s probably time to invest into a brand-new set. There are so many styles to choose from, why not go for something a bit more unconventional?

Revamping your dining room doesn’t have to cost the earth, it just takes a little creativity, colour, and a few new textures. And it all starts with your choice of dining table and chairs. Whether you upscale your table by adding accent chairs or a brand-new furniture set, your final dining room look will depend on these items. Once you’ve made your choices, any fixtures and furnishings need to harmonise with your overall theme and colour palette.

Always choose a décor scheme that suits your family dynamic. If you’re a lively bunch or a couple that thrives on socialising, then go for a bold style. But if you’re a cool, calm and collected family who enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, then go for an understated look.

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