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Looking for a brand-new chair but don’t know where to start? Unsure how to decide or what style of chair to choose? 

With such a vast range of chairs available online, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the right one. Take our quiz to see which chair style suits you.

1. What appeals to you the most?

a) Comfort

b) Practical features

c) Back support

d) Style and design

2. What’s your favourite colour palette?

a) Cool blues and green hues

b) Rich tones and spicy shades

c) Anything bold and bright!

d) Soft pastels and metallics

3. Which upholstery do you prefer?

a) Soft and smooth

b) Cosy and warm fabric

c) Durable bonded leather

d) Luxurious velvet

4. What’s your favourite room?

a) Bedroom

b) Living room

c) Home office

d) Dining room

5. What’s your preferred style of footwear?

a) Slippers or soft pumps

b) Smart shoes or ankle boots

c) Trainers or running shoes

d) Louboutins or Jimmy Choo

6. What’s your preferred style of clothing?

a) Pyjamas!

b) Blouse or shirt with jeans

c) Walking trousers and layers

d) Satin, sequins and sparkles!

7. What’s your preferred choice of holiday?

a) Sunbathing on a sun-drenched Greek island

b) Coastal walk around Cornwall, Scotland or Wales

c) Skiing or snowboarding in the Alps

d) Vegas, baby!

If you answered mostly A – you like nothing better than to unwind after a long, busy day. You seek relaxation and your home is likely to be a sanctuary of calm with cool colours. Comfort is your main priority above everything else, so the Rockingham Recliner with Massage and Heat is ideal. Enjoy a spa experience any day of the week in your living room!

If you answered mostly B – you’re a busy soul who enjoys home comforts, and when you finally get to relax, you need a warm, cosy space. Your home is likely to be full of eclectic objects and artifacts, textured rugs and throws. Curl up in the Keston Recliner in Jumbo Cord, which is a super-comfy, warm recliner, especially when the cooler months begin.

If you answered mostly C – you’re always on the go, whether you run a business or you’re a regular park runner. You’re sporty, ambitious and love trying new things, which may have caused a few injuries over the years! With full posture support, the GT Force range offers the perfect solution. These practical yet fun office-gaming chairs echo racing car designs.

If you answered mostly D - you’re a natural entertainer, who loves a lively party and entertaining dinner guests. You have an eye for style and interior design, so your home is likely to be lavish and beautifully coordinated. A great chair for your living space or an accent chair for the bedroom is the luxurious Burleigh Pushback Recliner in Pink Velvet.

Choosing the right chair is a tough decision that often requires a lot of thought. Think about the design, upholstery, features and functions. Whether you prefer a bold gaming chair or a soft reclining chair, we hope our quiz has steered you in the right direction!

At Furniture Online, we can help you choose a type of chair to suit your personal style and taste. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a room or transform a space, we have a range of furniture for every room in your home. Just look at our exclusive collections for inspiration…

Need a new chair? See our vast range of chairs. If you need help or advice, speak to our friendly, expect customer service team or use our online web chat tool.

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