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Every now and then, your dining room is likely to benefit from an upgrade. And asides from changing the wall colours, the simplest way to do this is by replacing your dining room furniture.

How to Choose a Style of Dining Chair

So, how can you choose a style of dining chair that suits your home? We’ve put together a list of things to consider for inspiration.

With an almost infinite choice of dining chair designs, it can feel overwhelming trying to choose one to match your room style. If you are a vintage fan, you can find some ornate second-hand chairs, which can be paired with similar furniture. More traditional dining room chair designs are usually wooden with carved legs and plush seat cushions. For a modern look, contemporary chair designs are usually minimalistic, focusing on form and function.

A versatile style is best, as timeless shaping will blend in seamlessly with any change of décor. The classic side chair is a very popular design. This has a simple shape with no arms and four tapered legs to support the chair. If you want the ability to rest your arms, there are a selection of dining room chairs with armrests available. And if you want a design that oozes comfort, there are also dining room chairs with body-shaped seats for extra support.

Seat style
As a general rule, bar stool style seats used in kitchen-diners usually come with a low back. They also tend to feature a supportive bar across the legs, so you can comfortably place your feet. Nowadays, there are a variety of stunning bar stools in different styles, including many that feature a tufted seat back finish.

But if you’re looking for standard-sized dining chairs to place around a table, then you’ll have greater choice. These chairs are available in both a low and high back. Nowadays, you can also find dining room chairs with a swivel function. Many swivel chairs also come with an auto-return function, where the chair returns to its original position after being rotated.

Dining chairs are produced in a broad range of materials, from plastic to wood to stainless steel. Often, these chairs are a mix of multiple materials, including a wide variety of fabrics for the seat upholstery. Stainless steel legs might support a wooden-framed, foam padded seat, which is then covered in linen, faux leather or velvet. This combination makes the chair highly durable for everyday wear and tear.

For a luxurious look, smooth velvet is soft to the touch and adds an air of sophistication to your home. There are a range of elegant dining room chairs with velvet upholstery. Velvet-covered chairs come in a range of designs with different styles of tufted seat back cushions.

Your choice of chair colour might depend on the fabric, but the key here is to make sure it matches your room style. Reflect on your colour palette and choose a chair colour that complements your walls and furnishings.

A mustard velvet dining chair would beautifully offset blue or grey walls, adding a pop of colour to the room. A blue velvet dining room chair is the perfect way to enhance warm or pale colour schemes, such as gold, cream or white walls. For a more neutral look, choose a contemporary grey velvet. If you have patterned wallcoverings, then a beige velvet dining room chair could create a sense of balance within a dining room.

Dining sets
Unless you have an eye for mix and matching vintage chairs, it’s usually best to pick a set of dining chairs from the same range. It’s also worth checking whether the chairs will match your dining room table. One way to do this is by matching one or more materials from the table to the chairs. Also, you could go for a neutral or glass and metal table, which will give you much more flexibility in your choice of dining room chairs.
Replacing your dining chairs with new models is an easy, cost-effective way to update your dining room. Available in a wide range of styles, colours and upholstery, simply match your chairs to the style of your dining room. Make sure your dining room chairs are comfortable, as you’re likely to spend a lot of time seated for meals and entertaining.

If you’ve been thinking about revamping your dining room with new furniture, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re bringing out a brand-new range of beautiful dining chairs and stylish bar stools. Available in an array of colours, fabrics and styles, our collection will suit a variety of different interior décor schemes. So, why not consider upgrading your dining furniture?

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