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Introducing the Broadway Cinema Chair, a premium electric recliner chair with cutting-edge technology. We get the lowdown on this chair...

This cinema chair has multiple features so you can enjoy the ultimate home cinema experience without leaving your house or apartment.

Here are seven reasons why we love the Broadway:

  1. LED ambient lighting

    The Broadway Cinema Chair has LED cupholders, so you can see where to place your drink. Whether it’s a rom-com or an action movie, use the LED Ambient Base Lighting to help you set the mood. Turn off your main room light for full movie immersion, and let this chair provide you with subtle yet practical lighting.

  2. Built-in USB and USB-C

    Stay connected with the built-in USB and USB-C charging points. This chair ensures you never lose power from your smart devices, so you’ll never miss an important call or message! Whether you’re checking actors or film ratings on IMDB, or you’re scrolling your socials, this chair keeps your phone and tablet charged at all times.

  3. Hidden armrest storage

    Keep everything tidy with the secret armrest storage. Large enough to stash your tablet, books, magazines and remotes, underneath the armrest there’s a good-sized storage space. A great way to keep clutter hidden or to hide away your favourite treats from prying eyes, simply lift the armrest to use the storage compartment.

  4. Comfy padding

    It’s really important to feel comfortable while you’re watching a film. There’s nothing worse than fidgeting or constantly changing position because a chair isn’t right. The Broadway’s padded headrest and lumbar support offer a luxurious level of comfort. Ideal for binge-watching a box set or a movie trilogy, you won’t ever want to get up!

  5. Air Leather cover

    The Broadway is available in Blue, Black, or Black with White Stitching. With the genuine look and feel of real leather, the cover is made from revolutionary Air Leather. Across the soft and sumptuous upholstery you will find exquisite diamond stitching, providing an air of sophistication for any room featuring this chair.

  6. Connect to create a row of chairs

    One of the most amazing features of the Broadway is its ability to be configured into multiple seating. Combine chairs to create a two-seater, three-seater or even a four-seater. If you have a cinema room, you can recreate the look of a real auditorium at home. With its wall-hugging design, this chair will also fit into small, compact spaces.

  7. Optional tray

    Last but not least, the Broadway has an optional tray to make it really easy to enjoy a snack or meal while seated. The tray also helps to keep everything clean as you won’t need to balance plates or bowls on your lap. Using the tray to indulge in your favourite treats means fewer crumbs and less housework afterwards!

The Ultimate Electric Recliner Cinema Chair

The Broadway is a chair that offers everything! From LED lights to hidden storage and charging capability, it’s the ultimate home cinema chair for an authentic cinematic experience. Whether you like watching movies with family or friends, this chair can be bought in multiples so you can build your own home cinema.

At Furniture Online, we are thrilled to feature the Broadway as part of our cinema chair collection. It’s a statement piece for any home and a talking point with your guests. The ideal gift for movie fans, as the song goes, “They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway”!

Looking for a cutting-edge cinema chair? It’s time to experience the Broadway. For advice, speak to our friendly customer service team or use our online web chat tool.

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