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Looking for a budget-friendly, affordable rise recliner? Say hello to our Grace and Clifton Rise Recliners! 

These super-comfy armchairs have power functionality to help you stand up and recline with ease. Here’s seven reasons why we love the Grace and Clifton…

  1. Comfy deep padding

    Due to the deep foam padding across the backrest, seat and armrests, both chairs provide superb lumbar support. Whether you want to sit up and watch a movie or lie back for a quick nap, these rise recliner chairs offer superior comfort. This type of reclining chair is ideal if you want to rest an aching back or you’ve been on your feet all day. The only problem will be the fact you might want to stay seated forever!

  2. Technology fabric

    Let’s start with the upholstery. The Grace and Clifton rise recliners are both covered in technology fabric. Nice and cosy in the cooler seasons, this highly durable cover has a leather-like finish, but with the luxurious warmth and softness of fabric. Easy to keep clean, simply wipe away any spillages. Long-lasting and hardwearing, technology fabric is the latest innovation in the upholstery world, and we love it!

  3. Two-button control

    No latches to pull or body force needed! Both rise recliners come with a simple two-button controller connected to the chair. Just press the right button to recline and the left button to return or stand up. Power recliners are perfect for older people or anyone with a disability who needs a simple seating solution. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use chair for a parent or grandparent, rise recliners are the ideal option.

  4. Power footrest

    As you press the button to recline, the power footrest will rise, allowing you to put your feet up in comfort. Rise recliners are great for anyone with limited strength, energy or body power, especially if you suffer with hip, joint or ankle problems. If you or a loved one struggle to operate manual or push back chairs by using your legs, this type of reclining armchair is an excellent choice.

  5. Power backrest

    As you press the recline button, at the same time, the power backrest will also start to recline. So, you can lie back, relax and enjoy a leisurely snooze. Both the Grace and Clifton recline to an almost sleeping position, and your legs and body will be fully supported. After you have enjoyed 40 winks, you can easily return to a seated position by pressing the left button, and this button will also enable you to stand up.

  6. Power lift function

    These electric rise recliners have a power lift function, assisting with movement in and out of the chair. Lifting you up and into an almost standing position, you can then move away from the chair with sheer ease. Rise recliners are perfect for older people or anybody with mobility problems, who struggle to get out of a traditional armchair. The power lift supports their body, providing a safe level of gentle movement.

  7. Two side pockets

    The Grace and Clifton rise recliners both come with not one, but two handy side pockets! Useful for storing the chair controller and your TV remote, these armchair pockets are also ideal for magazines, books, kindles, tablets and smartphones. Everything you need can be kept close at hand, ideal for older people with limited mobility. Why not use these pockets to stash your favourite snacks and chocs?

As you can see by all the above functions and features, the Clifton and Grace rise recliners are the chairs to end all chairs. Affordable, super-easy to use and ridiculously comfortable, these practical chairs will become a firm family favourite. So, whether you are looking to buy a chair for yourself or for a family member, consider these rise recliners. What’s not to like?

Grace and Clifton are the latest models in our Rise Recliner range, and they are available in Grey, Brown and Mocha. If you need help or advice, speak to our friendly customer service team or use our online web chat tool.

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