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Thinking of redesigning your home office? Do you know the latest trends and innovative solutions for working from home?

Take our quiz to find out which style of home office best suits your working day, along with some design inspiration for transforming your space. 

1.) What are your main day-to-day work tasks?
a. Supportive, admin, organisational
b. Creative such as design, multimedia or marketing
c. Calculations, estimations or engineering
d. Training, managing or leading others

2.) How do you prefer to work?
a. I'm a multitasker
b. I thrive on inspiration!
c. Focus, Focus, Focus
d. Collaborative conversations

3.) What's the average number of hours you spend seated each day?
a. 7 hours a day
b. 8 hours a day
c. 3 hours a day (I'm often onsite)
d.4 hours a day (when I'm not in meetings!)

4.)What's your favourite office item?
a. Notepad
b. Pens and sharpies
c. Calculator on my phone
d. Flipchart or whiteboard

5.) What type of noise level do you prefer?
a. Radio in the background
b. Streaming in the latest tunes
c. Silence and solitude
d. Café settings

6.) Which office colour palette do you prefer?
a. Calm and neutral
b. Bold and bright
c. Cool and light
d. Warm and natural

7.) Where is your home office located?
a. Living room corner
b. Spare bedroom
c. Converted garage
d. Dining area

If you answered mostly A then youre likely to be working in one of your main living spaces. Could you zone off your living room using a standing shelf or screen? That way you can mentally log off at the end of your working day. A great chair for day-to-day admin that will blend in beautifully with a range of décor schemes is our Rene. This fancy office chair comes in a gorgeous Faux Brown Leather and Rose Pink with soft velvet and a gold finish. 
If you answered mostly B then you need inspirational décor to get those creative juices flowing. Choose a vibrant colour palette and offset with a large piece of wall art to enhance the space. The perfect chair to support your posture is one of our stunning GTForce Gaming Chairs, which can be height adjusted, and include recline, swivel, rock and tilt functions. Achieving a work-life balance at home can be tricky if you’re chained to your desk. So, make sure you get plenty of natural light, ideally from a side-on window to prevent monitor glare.  
If you answered mostly C then you’re likely to have a dedicated space for your office, either within the home, a garden cabin or a converted garage. This is a space for contemplative thinking and calculations, so the colour scheme needs to evoke a cool, calm and collected vibe. Mint green wall cabinets are bang on trend and will help you maximise storage space. Consider how your lighting affects the space and the ambience it creates. An ideal chair is the practical Cecil in Light Blue or the Joseph in Grey Linen. 
If you answered mostly D then you’re likely to be working while perched on a breakfast bar or at a dining table. A fold-down secretary desk could be a good alternative for laptop work in smaller spaces. Use a mural wallpaper in a nook or on an adjacent wall for visual appeal. Luxurious velvet office chairs such as the Frances or Emile are stylish and comfy additions for dining areas being used as home offices. Find discreet locations to hideaway laptops and stationery items, so you can get closure at the end of your working day 
Working from home is here to stay, so hopefully our quiz has pointed you in the right direction to help you make home working more comfortable and stylish. And if you need to upgrade your office chair, then our range has a model to suit every taste and style. Our fancy office chairs are made from quality materials such as sumptuous velvet, gorgeous faux fur and practical linen. We can help you transform your working day and your workspace.  
At Furniture Online, our fancy office chairs work equally well in large offices and small homes. Simply match your preferred design, material and colours to your home office or living space decor scheme. Choose between swivel functions and adjustable seat heights. If you’re planning to redesign your home office, see our stunning range of office chairs. Speak to our friendly customer service team or use our online web chat tool. 

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