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Rise recliners – sometimes called riser recliners, sit to stand or mobility chairs – are one of our most popular lines here at Furniture Online.

But what exactly is a rise recliner chair and how does it differ from a conventional recliner chair? A rise recliner chair is, essentially, an electric chair that not only reclines but also rises, lifting the seated person to a virtual standing position. If you or a friend/relative have mobility problems, are older or frail, have a bad back or are recovering from injury or surgery, then a rise recliner chair could change your life.

Struggling to get up from a chair can be frustrating and painful, but this type of chair makes it easy. The riser mechanism lifts and tilts the chair simultaneously, bringing you into an almost upright position so you can stand up more comfortably. The recliner mechanism raises the footrest and reclines the backrest at the same time to help you get into an almost sleeping position providing total comfort and support for tired, aching limbs. Functions are usually operated via a hand-held remote control or buttons on the side of the chair. 

Rise recliner chairs are available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit every type of décor. Deluxe bond grade leather is a popular option as it is durable, looks good and can be wiped clean. Our Weybridge design, for example, comes in a range of colours including classic black and stylish brown.

For additional comfort, some models come with a built-in heat and massage option. Our Rockingham range has a heated backrest for aching backs and an eight-point vibrational massage function. It also comes in a range of neutral shades in durable bond grade leather. And it has a drinks holder and space for the TV remote so, although the riser mechanism makes it easy to get out of, you might enjoy staying seated!

Rise Recliner Variations

You might see the description single motor or dual motor rise recliner:

Single Motor Rise Recliner Chair

A single motor chair has one mechanism that controls the backrest, footrest and riser function together. When you recline the backrest, the footrest rises at the same time. Our Cinemax model is a single motor chair.

Dual Motor Rise Recliner Chair

A dual motor chair allows the backrest and the footrest to be operated independently, so you can adjust each one according to your individual preference. They are ideal for people with posture difficulties or significant mobility issues. Our Marlow and Richmond models are dual motor chairs.

When you are looking at the functionality of a chair, always consider how the chair will be used and who will be using it. Although most modern riser recliners are fairly compact in size, always check you have enough space around the chair to allow for the backrest and footrest to function. Will the chair be facing the TV, a window or maybe a desk?

Therefore, before buying a rise recliner chair, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How far do I want the chair to recline?

    This will be dictated by the person’s mobility issues, flexibility and ability to get out of the chair.

  2. Which room do I want the chair to go into?

    Some chairs subtly blend in with existing furniture – such as our Eden range, which is a push recliner rather than a rise recliner. Other types, like the Cheshire model, might be more suitable as a feature for a study.

  3. How much space do I need around the chair for it to rise and recline?

    Carefully check the chair size and room dimensions before ordering.

  4. What sort of fabric/material is most practical and suitable for the existing décor?

    If you’re likely to be cleaning up  a lot after spillages, then we suggest a durable bond grade leather covering.

  5. Would I prefer a single or dual motor chair?

        See our guide above…

If you’re looking for a rise recliner chair for your home, please view our extensive range on our website. Our chairs are comfortable and practical, as well as stylish.

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