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Ever thought about the way you sit when you’re playing a computer game?

 Ever thought about the way you sit when you’re playing a computer game? Are you usually perched on the edge of your seat? Do you play games sat on the floor? Did you know that you can enhance your gameplay performance by simply switching up your chair?

Gaming chairs have become the must-have item for pro-gamers.

Continually evolving in terms of ergonomics and functionality, how you are seated could make all the difference between beating your opponent or reaching that all-important next level. And once you are sitting correctly, you’ll no longer suffer from tired, sore back and neck muscles, which means your energy levels will also increase.

So, a gaming chair really is a win-win!


Gaming chairs offer full-body support

Did you know that in the UK alone, it’s thought that people spend 67 hours a week sitting down?

Sedentary lifestyles are considered to be the new “smoking”, so it’s important that while you’re sitting for long periods, you're seated correctly and supported as much as possible.

And that’s where ergonomic science comes in; gaming chairs are designed to support your spine, neck and shoulders to minimise the health risks from long gameplay.

Gaming chairs usually have a high backrest and lumbar cushion filled with a foam padding for full posture and neck support.

This type of chair includes multiple functions - as a standard feature, the height should be adjustable, the base should enable a 360-degree swivel and there should be some level of recline ability. Ideally, both the seat and armrests should also be fully adjustable, so you can easily rest your arms and wrists to reduce RSI (repetitive strain syndrome).

Gaming chairs often come with removable pillows and back cushions too, giving you the ability to find your optimum seating position.


How to use your gaming chair

Make sure any cushions are positioned in a way that will comfortably support the curve of your spine and neck.

Next, lean back and make sure your arms are roughly at a 45-degree angle, and your feet are flat on the floor.

Lastly, check that your eye level is towards the top of the screen you’re using; most gaming chairs have a gas-lift mechanism to enable you to raise or lower your chair accordingly.

If you’re unused to sitting in a gaming chair, it might feel strange at first as your body needs to adjust to a more ergonomic way of sitting.

You may find that you instinctively slouch, which means there are muscles that have been overcompensating and need to be loosened.

But stick with it, as over time, your body will start to ‘recalibrate’, even if you’re only using the gaming chair a few hours a day. And soon enough you will forget that you ever had a sore neck, back or shoulders.


Origin of the gaming chair

Gaming chairs have been in existence for well over a decade now. In 2006, the DXRacer was the first known chair specifically designed for computer gamers, addressing growing concerns around back pain after long gaming sessions.

Using innovative, ergonomic science and modelled on racing car seats, this chair became the blueprint for a brand-new range of chairs.

Nowadays, gaming chairs are continually being developed to include exciting features, such as bluetooth speakers for a fully immersive gaming experience.

Along with an infinite variety of striking, eye-catching designs and colours, there’s something for everybody, no matter what your preferred taste or style.


Ready to buy a brand new gaming chair?

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