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Do you have a tired old furniture suite that’s seen better days? 


How to Choose a New Chair
Do you have a tired old furniture suite that’s seen better days? Perhaps you no longer need a large sofa, so why not consider a single seater instead? Adding one chair to your living room that fits in seamlessly with your existing room setup could both complement and enhance your décor scheme. We look at the dos and don’ts of how to choose a new chair…

Why do you need the chair?
This is the first big question you should ask because seating is both functional and decorative. An armchair or occasional chair can be used as the focal point of a room, so it is important to consider the setting and its purpose, even if it’s decorative only.

Are you buying the chair simply for extra seating or for a particular family member or another reason? A new chair can make any space more useful, so think about who will use the chair and how the chair will be used. If the purpose of the chair is for comfort, then consider all the functional aspects, such as having deep padding, posture support or a
reclining feature.

What style of chair will work with the room?
Choosing a chair in a specific style can be a quick and affordable way to refresh your interior design scheme. Think about the room setting and the overall look and ambience that you want to achieve. The chair does not necessarily need to match any existing chairs or sofas, but it should complement the furniture in terms of style.


If you have a neutral, minimalist or Scandi-style room scheme, then go for a designer-inspired occasional chair that offsets your decorative theme and creates a style statement. If your aim is to create a cosy living space, where you can curl up in an armchair, then you won’t want to compromise on comfort. You could consider a more traditional looking armchair, but with added special features like recline, heat and massage functions.

How much space do you have in the room?
While you’re deciding on the style of the chair, don’t forget to consider its shape and size. If you need a chair for a small room, you don’t have to miss out on reclining action, as there are now plenty of compact recliners to choose from.

Always allow enough space around the furniture so you can easily move around, especially if you choose a reclining chair or an occasional chair with a footstool. Avoid filling the space with too much furniture or the room may start to feel a little overcrowded or cramped.

Which cover fabric do you prefer?
Linen, leather, crushed or antique velvet… There’s a huge choice of upholstery to choose from when it comes to picking a new chair. Think about the practical aspects, such as typical room temperatures in your home, durability and how you will keep the chair clean.

If you have small children, then you might prefer a wipe-clean cover such as a durable bonded leather. If an older person will be using the chair, then consider the fact they are more likely to feel the cold. So, choose a warmer fabric such as super-soft jumbo cord or linen, which helps to keep your body at the optimal temperature throughout the year.

What colour will suit your décor scheme?
Do you want the chair to blend in with your existing décor scheme or do you want to make a bold statement with a stylish accent chair? A chair can be used in all different ways and its use will depend on the room. So, think of a colour that helps to set the mood and ambience.

For a feature chair, pick an accent colour from existing furnishings in the room, such as a shade from a pattern or a cushion, and choose this as your chair colour. Or stay neutral and pick a gentle hue that blends in with the surrounding furniture for a softer, harmonious look.

Adding a single seater to an existing suite can make your room much more functional. But always make sure your chosen chair suits your needs and what you wish to achieve. Whether as part of a suite or as a feature chair, a single seater can upscale your room and offer you unparalleled comfort, especially if you’ve chosen a recliner chair.

Of course, if you have a tired old three-piece suite in your living room, you might decide to replace this entirely. So, it’s always worth checking out matching chair and sofa combos, and don’t forget we have a huge range of 1, 2 and 3 seaters to suit any home or décor scheme.

At Furniture Online, we have a wide variety of recliner chairs, occasional chairs and sofas to brighten up your décor and make your living space more functional and relaxing. If you need help, contact our friendly customer service team using our online web chat tool.


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