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In the UK, we’re a nation of pet-lovers. But owning an animal comes with pros and cons, especially when it comes to buying pet-friendly furniture. 

Whether you have a dog, cat, hamster, guinea pig or an exotic pet, they’re an extra member of your family. So, how do you include them in the social aspect of family life? You need to choose the right furniture.

Pet problems of the furry kind
Before you choose a new chair or sofa, make sure you pick the right one for your type of pet. We share some common pet scenarios below:

  • Hairy encounters - Let’s start by talking about fur. Long-haired animals shed hair, and certain animals will moult at certain times of the year. Pet hairs are notorious for ending up where you least expect them! So, if you have fluffballs, think about whether you can easily vacuum the chair or sofa when choosing new furniture.

  • Mud and wet paws – You’ve returned home after taking your dog for a walk on a wintry day. Their paws are covered in mud, and you’ve let them into the kitchen, but they’ve bolted into your lounge with that lovely cream carpet… Sound familiar? One idea is to use a child safety gate in your kitchen, so there’s less risk of open doors.

  • Claws and teeth – Dogs and cats of all sizes have claws that can scratch poor-quality upholstery. House rabbits and indoor guinea pigs love to chew on wooden coffee tables and TV wires. Use scratching posts and keep electric cables out of sight with trunking. Trim pet claws and nails regularly; if you’re unsure, ask your vet to advise. 

Pet antics and furniture upholstery
Do you allow your dog on the sofa or armchair? This is always a big conundrum for dog owners! Many of us let our dogs join us on our living room furniture. After all, they’re part of the family and you want them to spend time with you. The obvious solution is to bring a dog cushion or an extra dog bed into your living room or bedroom so they can join you that way.

But if you’re an animal lover who wants to snuggle up with pets, then you’ll need to bear the upholstery in mind. Nowadays, there are lots of durable fabrics available, let’s look at a few:

  • Linen upholstery - Practical and warm, if you have a cat they will soon decide on their perfect sleeping spot on a linen-covered armchair.

  • Bond-grade leather – Smooth and durable, a bond-grade leather sofa is easy to keep clean, so you can wipe away muddy pawprints and other animal mess. 

  • Technology fabric - Mimicking all the benefits of leather, a technology fabric chair is soft and extra hardwearing. Ideal for dogs who like jumping up for a cuddle! 

Protecting your furniture from pets
Asides from a little training and coercing (and sometimes bribing with treats!), there are ways to keep your furniture looking nice, so your furry friends can enjoy a cheeky nap. 

  • Cleaning fabric – If you have a chair or sofa covered in fabric, the best way to keep it fur-free is by vacuuming regularly and using a soft brush to capture those pet hairs. If you have a dog, make sure you leave plenty of towels near your back or front door, so you can dry them down and clean them up before they head for your furniture.

  • Cleaning leather or bond-grade leather - Use a soft duster to remove surface dust or if the upholstery is soiled, use a damp cloth and dry immediately, then use a soft cloth afterwards. If your bond-grade chair or sofa is near a heat source, you can condition the leather with a suitable product once a year. Avoid using saddle soap, abrasive cleaners or chemically based products. Ask our team for advice.

  • Cover chair and table legs – Along with rabbits, puppies like to chew anything in sight, so you could add a Velcro-fabric cover to your furniture legs to protect from biters. You can also purchase large sofa covers, which have been purposefully designed for dogs. For smaller animals like cats, a simple throw will often do the trick.

Pets bring people so much joy, however, they can give their owners headaches at the same time. Constant feeding, mess, attention, and furniture issues… We’ve shared advice on how to handle the latter, as well as links to some of our high-quality, pet-friendly products. 

We’d love to see photos of your adorable pets on your furniture. Follow our social media and send us some snaps!

If you need to buy pet-friendly furniture, why not consider a technology fabric recliner? We have a vast range of recliners and sofas. If you need any advice, just speak to our friendly, expert customer service team or use our online web chat tool.

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