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The latest interior design trend focuses on linking outside elements to rooms inside your home. 


The latest interior design trend focuses on linking outside elements to rooms inside your home. Creating an outdoor indoor space has some great benefits, including the illusion of making small rooms feel larger. We look at this latest trend and share some clever tricks and tips to help you bring the outside into your home, including the principles of biophilic design.

What is biophilic design?
We’ve touched on this subject in a previous blog, but in essence, “biophilia” is humankind’s connection with nature. So, biophilic design interprets the relationship between nature and people, creating connections that bring elements of nature into our home environment.

Biophilic design principles are being woven into architecture and new build homes, such as glass walls in living areas. This creates the illusion of a room blending seamlessly into the garden. As well as structural elements, the use of materials that echo nature are also key.

A number of positive impacts have been reported from this design approach. Strengthening our human-nature connection can help to reduce stress and improve our overall wellbeing.

Outdoor living rooms
Think beyond conservatories by getting clever with outside structures. A pergola across a patio with bi-fold doors opening directly to the area creates the illusion of an outdoor room. If you have a courtyard, you could add a canopy to design a cosy, sheltered roofed off area.

Add a comfy rattan sofa and table set, and you will have designed a clever outdoor living room. Create extra connections between outdoor areas and indoor rooms that blur the boundaries. Link exposed brickwork on interior walls to matching bricked areas outside.

Another clever trick is to use the same flooring both outside and indoors. Extending floor tiles from one area to another gives a continuous finish that connects spaces together and helps to draw the eye. Make sure your chosen tiles can be used in all weathers, ideally, they should be anti-slip and frost resistant. You could also use different floor finishes to create zones for certain activities, such as cooking or outdoor dining.

Nature themed rooms
Tactile textures, rustic wood, fibres, stone, ceramics… All these materials help to create a sense of nature. Use sculptural elements that draw from natural forms, from furniture to ornaments. If you have a tree in your garden, for example, could you echo its shape inside?

Your choice of furniture will play an important role in your outdoor-indoor room design. A hanging rattan egg chair is a great focal point for both an outdoor room or an inside space. When it comes to outdoor dining, choose furniture that echoes natural fabric, such as a rattan dining set and table. For indoor spaces facing into the garden, choose a neutral linen rocking chair, so you can relax and rock away for hours gazing across your greenery.

Consider natural weaves and patterns on cushions, throws and furnishings. Even wallpaper prints of animals, birds and landscapes can help to bring a sense of the outside indoors.

Let there be light and life
Light is a key factor when designing an outdoor indoor room. Notice the interplay between natural light and shadows that fall around the space. Make use of different areas of the room by positioning plants that work well in full sun like cacti or choose shade-loving ferns and ivy for darker corners. Build planters that continue from the outside into your home, subtly switch plants or plant herbs that thrive indoors and outdoors.

Use lighting to highlight certain plants with interesting forms in the evenings. You could hang outdoor fairy lights to pick out the shape of your favourite trees. You could also use floor lights that flow from an indoor room into an outdoor patio area to connect these spaces.

In our busy, modern-day world, it comes as no surprise that outdoor indoor rooms and biophilic design are such popular trends. Whether you’re entertaining or enjoying some much-needed downtime, think creatively to transform tired rooms into natural themed living areas. Get inspiration from nature by taking a walk in the countryside or a local park.

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