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There is something so wonderful about snuggling into your favourite chair. Once you’ve tried a recliner chair, however, it can be hard to imagine life without one.

We asked a handful of our customers to tell us what they love about their recliner chairs and their favourite activities whilst they’re reclining. 

Here are the top 10 favourite pastimes whilst using a recliner chair:

1.    Watch a filmRecliner Chairs from Furniture Online

Whether your taste is Disney or Scandi Noir, our Cinema Rise Recliner offers the optimum viewing experience. Get yourself into the most perfect position, switch on the heated backrest and – if you’re so inclined – choose from one of eight massage settings while the credits roll. Not even the Odean Leicester Square can match this!

2.    Read

Unsurprisingly, people love to read while reclining in a chair. Nothing beats curling up in a comfortable reclined position with a good book. Throw in a nice cup of tea and a biscuit and who could ask for more? One of our best-selling chairs is the Richmond Electric Recliner, which has comfy soft foam padding, foam arms and a pillow back for superior lumbar support. No more cricked necks when you get completely absorbed in your book…

3.    Enjoy a massage

This might not be the first thing you’d think of when you imagine relaxing in a recliner, but some models - like our Salisbury Manual Recliner Chair – allow you to experience a relaxing or revitalising massage from the comfort of your chair. Ahh, bliss…

4.    Sleep

The experts tell us it’s good to nap when we need to, helping to recharge our batteries and revitalise our bodies. A short nap can improve brain function, boost memory and creativity, and sometimes be as restorative as a full night’s sleep. A recliner chair is perfect for taking a nap, or even for longer sleep, if you need it. Designed for maximum comfort, our recliners have a manual push back mechanism, such as the Cameron Push Back Recliner, and we also offer power recliners, such as the Richmond or Keston Electric Recliners.

5.    Listen to music

Lie back, close your eyes, and drift off to the Moonlight Sonata. If you have a smart phone or an iPod, you can absorb yourself in music without disturbing anyone else in the house. 

6.    Watch the world go by...

If you have a picture window or a bay window, it can be lovely to sit in your recliner and watch the world go by. If you choose one of our swivel recliners you will never tire of looking out of the window because you can just swivel back round to watch TV whenever you please!

7.    Write

Many writers say that the secret to penning a best-seller is to get into a completely relaxed state of mind. Voila! A recliner chair is a great place to relax and allow your imagination to wonder, whether your preference is to write on a laptop or in an old-fashioned notebook.

8.    Knit

Whether you love to knit and natter, or knit in sublime isolation, a recliner chair can help you get into the most comfortable position possible. Our Rockingham manual recliner has a handy drinks holder, which you can use to rest your needles and wool, and a handy side pocket for popping your latest creation in when you’re finished.

9.    Daydream

We spend a lot of time letting our minds wander. Scientists estimate 30-50% of our waking time is spent daydreaming. The jury’s out on whether this is a good thing or a bad thing but, the fact is, it’s something we do a lot so why not do it in a comfortable position? A recliner chair lends itself to uninterrupted daydreaming.

10.  Cuddle the kids or grandkids

Kids love recliner chairs. There is something rather wonderful about snuggling up for a story with mum, dad, granny or grandpa in their big, soft recliner chair. The Eden Push Back Recliner Armchair is our best-selling recliner of all, combining the look of an armchair with the comfort of a recliner.

There are plenty of things to love about a recliner chair, asides from the fact they are practical, affordable, and offer a simple way to relax in any room of your choice. If you need advice or information on choosing your perfect recliner, just speak to our friendly customer service team.

Please browse our range of recliner chairs for more details.

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