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It’s miserable outside, and you’ve run out of ways to stay entertained. Whether it’s the daytime or the evening, do you need some rainy-day activities for adults?

In a recent blog, we looked at what to do with kids on a rainy day (and some ideas might appeal to you too!). This time, we’re focusing solely on the grown-ups…

1.    Improve your wellbeing
There’s nothing urgent for you to do, all the important chores are done, but it’s too dreadful to go outside. Google a free yoga or meditation class and take some time out just for you. Find a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed and place a cushion on the floor for comfort. An extra layer is handy so you can stay warm in a cool room.

2.    Enjoy a home spa
When it’s raining outside, it’s a great opportunity for some pampering. Rinse your hair and apply a moisturising treatment. Run a bath, light a scented candle or use an oil diffuser. While the bathtub’s filling up, put a face mask on. Then sink back and relax… When you’re done, wrap up in a comfy gown and enjoy a hot chocolate. Take your home-spa to a new level in a reclining chair with heat and massage functions.

3.    Play music
Take a nostalgic trip back to your teenage years and play your fave music from long ago. If you’re with your partner or an old friend, reminisce together over a hot cuppa. Or, if you’re up to speed on modern tunes, listen to some popular playlists to discover the latest tracks. Why not create a playlist featuring your most favourite tunes?

4.    Play a video game
If your Playstation or X-Box is gathering dust, why not switch it on and play a game? No matter how old you are, it never takes long to get back into the gaming world. Our top recommendations for adult games with mind-blowing graphics and storylines include The Witcher, The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption and Assassins Creed. For extra comfort, make sure you sit in an ergonomically designed 
gaming chair.

5.    Listen to a podcast
There’s a vast array of podcasts available to download on an infinite range of subjects. Simply match your podcast to your chosen interest or topic. From personal development to business strategies or fun, entertaining chats led by celebrities, pick one to suit your mood. Look on Spotify, Audible, BBC Sounds and Podbean.

6.    Movie time
Feeling lazy? Fill your living room with duvets, cushions and throws, and curl up together on a 
comfy reclining sofa to watch some movie classics. On your own? Make it a day affair by watching a popular film trilogy or a box set in a purpose-designed cinema chair. And don’t forget to come armed with your fave drinks and snacks! Say goodbye to a cold, rainy day by immersing yourself in a fantasy world.

7.    Learn a language
Have you always wanted to learn Spanish so you can speak to the locals when you’re on your holidays? Maybe you prefer the countryside and cuisine of France, but your school French is decidedly lacking? By learning the local lingo you can converse better and have an altogether more enjoyable experience abroad. There are some great language apps for your phone, such as Babbel and Duolingo.

8.    Get planning
If you’re stuck indoors but you want to do something practical, why not plan your holidays for the year ahead? If you’re on a budget, you could plan in a day trip every 6 weeks, which doesn’t have to cost the earth. Or you could start planning ahead for Christmas (yes, we mentioned the C word!). Research gift ideas for friends and family and make a list. If you start your gift buying early, you can make use of sales.

9.    Get creative
Another practical idea is to look at any areas of your home that need upgrading. This doesn’t have to be a boring task. Start by focusing on one room. Then, get creative by researching different ways to improve the space with colour palettes and 
furniture. Create a Pinterest ‘mood board’ with all your ideas and snippets.

10.  Read a book
If nothing appeals to you, get comfy in your cosy 
reclining chair and read a book. When do you ever find the time to sit and read unless you’re on holiday? Why not use a rainy day to immerse yourself in a novel instead? Whether it’s classic literature, the latest crime thriller or a factual read, this is a useful way to spend some quality time. And you’ll find the hours fly by once you start reading.

When it’s too wet or cold to do anything outside, there’s nothing nicer than doing a fun activity in the warmth and comfort of your own home. Whether you choose to play video games or a practical activity, we’ve hopefully given you some fresh ideas to keep you entertained! Just because you’re stuck inside, it doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun!

If you need a cosy recliner or sofa to keep you warm on a rainy day, then see our range. Speak to our friendly customer service team or use our online web chat tool.

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