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Here at Furniture Online, we have a very popular range of recliners, but our customers often ask us “what are the differences between the single and dual motor options?”.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the characteristics of each type of motor, and how they might benefit you.

Single Motor Recliners and Rise-Recliners

Single motor recliners, as the name suggests, have just one motor which controls all the chair’s electric features. You change the position of the backrest and footrest at the same time with a set of buttons. Some single motor chairs may also be rise-recliners, with a riser function to help you move from a sitting to standing position. In this case, the backrest returns to an upright position, while the footrest lowers and then the single motor continues to work while the chair helps you up. This may be enough for some people, although the simple controls do not give you many options for positioning yourself. Single motor recliners tend to be cheaper as they are less expensive tKeston Electric Dual Motor Rise Recliner Armchairo make.

Dual Motor Recliners

Our Dual Motor Recliners  have two separate motors to operate the chair. One powers the footrest and riser, while the other powers the recliner. You have a different set of easy-to-use buttons controlling each motor. The main advantage of a dual motor rise recliner is that you have a bigger range of seating positions, compared to a single motor recliner. A dual motor rise recliner may be more expensive but it’s worth the extra cost because you can be truly comfortable while sitting down, and still be able to get up again independently whenever you want. 

The backrest of a dual motor chair moves separately from the footrest, giving you a greater choice of seating position. For instance, you can have a conversation or watch the television with your feet raised and the backrest in the upright position. Then you can recline the chair a little if you want to read. When you want to take a nap, you can lie back to an almost horizontal position. You can vary the alignment of the chair over time to prevent pressure building up in one area. These options make dual motor chairs very popular with people with oedema (swelling in the legs) as the footrest often rises higher than on a single motor chair. Obviously, dual motor rise recliners are a great asset for people with mobility issues, whether due to age, disability or injury.

The Wide Range of Choice

At Furniture Online, we have added some great new dual motor recliners to our range, such as the Massage Rise Recliners , which also come with a heated seat and back. These options make our recliners an excellent choice for people who feel the cold easily or suffer from aches and pains. Rest assured that here at Furniture Online, our directors passionately believe that everyone who wants a recliner should be able to buy one, and personally ensure that all our recliners are competitively priced.

Recently, we’ve noticed that more mums with young babies are opting for dual motor rise recliners as a comfy chair for feeding baby during the night. And it’s not just the mums who are catching on to this - what could be better for our busy lifestyles than relaxing in a chair that gives you a massage at the end of a long day while you enjoy your favourite box-set? Talking of viewing preferences, with the increase in popularity and availability of large screen televisions, you could upgrade your home cinema experience with our recently arrived Cinemax Range of heated massage rise recliners.

If you have any queries about which is the best recliner for you, please 
Contact Us - our dedicated, helpful customer service team are on hand to answer your questions, Monday to Friday.

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