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Recliners are a very popular item of furniture with the young, old and everyone in between! 

They are super-comfy for relaxing in and can be really handy if you need extra support when sitting, or a bit of help to get up again. Maybe you’re ready to take the plunge and go for your first recliner chair, or perhaps you’re replacing a favourite recliner that has seen better days? 

With such a wide choice of makes and models available these days, it can be tricky to work out which one is right for you. There are three main types of recliner, but before you decide, be aware that some will be more suitable for your needs than others. We’ll describe the different types for you first, before talking about our favourites…

·     Manual recliners

Manual recliners use a straightforward mechanism to move the seat backwards as you lie down or forward as you get up. They are operated by simply pushing with your legs or sometimes with a handle on the side of the chair. Manual recliners are usually easy to maintain and cheaper than electric versions. Often, they are smaller than electric models, making them ideal for smaller spaces. However, if you have mobility problems, they may not be right for you – always double-check.

·     Electric Recliners

Electric recliners, as the name suggests, have a single electric motor, which gently moves the back and leg rest to support you as you lie down. Some may have additional features, such as heated seats or massage options. Nowadays, the motors in electric recliners are quiet and reliable, although like any motorised device, they will need servicing from time to time to keep them in tip-top condition. Electric recliners tend to be larger than manual ones, so you may need more space for one of these chairs. It goes without saying that an electric recliner needs to be placed near a plug socket.

·     Riser Recliners

Riser-recliners - or ‘rise-recliners’ - are the ultimate chair, if you find it hard to sit down and get back up again. Sometimes known as dual motor recliners, they are electrically operated and can have additional comfort features. At the push of a button, one motor reclines the chair, and the other gently and steadily tips you forward when you’re ready to rise again. If you suffer with serious mobility problems or you’re recovering from an injury, this type of recliner chair is an excellent option. Like other electric recliners, you will need space behind the chair as well as in front.

Types Of Recliner

Whatever your needs, we have a great range of recliners to choose from – here’s just a small sample:

·     Something practical

Our brand-new Tilbury Recliner has superb back support, along with a 360-degree swivel function and a complimentary footstool, which you can use or pop away when you no longer need it. With its chic upholstery and wooden base, the Tilbury looks great in both offices and homes alike.

·     Something fun

The Rockingham Recliner is by far one of our most popular recliners on the website. Not only does it have a heated seat and cup holders, but it also swivels and massages too. It is definitely the ‘hottest’ chair you’ll ever own and is sure to be a firm favourite with all the family! Also available in manual, electric and rise options.

·     Something pretty

If you want your recliner to be stylish, then the Herringbone is for you. Looking like a comfortable wingback armchair, the Herringbone cleverly hides its secret identity as a push back recliner. The classic fabric pattern and chair design works equally well in both contemporary and traditional room settings. 

·     Something simple

The Attenborough is a compact push back chair and is very reasonably priced. Covered in super-soft bonded leather, this chair can be fully reclined and has a very handy drinks holder. This recliner chair is available in three neutral colours, so will work well with any décor scheme.

·     Something comfy

The Keston is made from super-soft, jumbo cord and will leave you feeling so relaxed that once you sit back in this delightful chair, you’ll more than likely fall into a deep sleep! Luckily, it’s available as either a manual, electric or rise recliner, so just take your pick…


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Whether you’re new to reclining chairs or you want to upgrade to a brand-new model, we have a vast range to suit every need and age group. We offer same-day dispatch on all orders placed before 1pm and a 30-day return policy. Here at Furniture Online, we are very experienced when it comes to helping people find the right chair for every room setting, and you will always enjoy superb customer service at every stage of your purchase.

If you need help finding your perfect recliner chair, please get in touch with our team of experts at or call on 0116 218 2900.

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