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Gaming chairs are specially designed to be sat in for hours, and yet still be comfortable and ergonomically sound for your body.




Gaming chairs are specially designed to be sat in for hours, and yet still be comfortable and ergonomically sound for your body. But how are these chairs made and what makes a gaming chair perform the way it does? We look at all the functions and features needed to give you the enhanced gaming experience you’ve come to enjoy from our chairs.


Shaped to your body

Covered in high-density foam, gaming chairs offer an unparalleled level of comfort for long periods seated in front of a console. This type of chair has been dynamically shaped to echo the human body - from the seat height to support your neck, right down to the sturdy castor wheels for balance. Curved armrests have also been specifically shaped and padded to enable you to rest those weary limbs after you’ve spent time trying to level up in a game.


Support for your body

Gaming chairs have been purposefully designed to provide support for your back and neck. Many models also have the option of removable back cushions and neck pillows to give you extra flexibility and can be positioned to suit your individual posture. These additions offer extra support to counteract any quick, jerky manoeuvres. So, when you’re under enemy attack, this added cushioning will compensate for any gameplay impact on your body.


Fitted to your body

Being able to adjust the height of the chair and the seat tilt are important factors to help maximise comfortability. Even the shape of the chair can dictate your level of comfort with some models based on racing car bucket-style seats, which mould around your body. Gaming chairs with four-way adjustable armrests enable you to rest your wrists and arms with ease, which is essential for preventing any strains after holding a controller for hours.


Recline for extra relaxation

The ability to recline provides an extra level of comfort. Many models can be reclined to 170 degrees, which is almost a sleeping position, and some chairs also have an extendable footrest too. Ideal for those late nights or lazy Sunday afternoons, where you need a quick nap after a long period of gameplay. Simply put your feet up and stretch, lie back and relax, or contemplate your next move.


Put simply, there’s no compromise to comfort when it comes to gaming chair design. These types of chair have been ergonomically designed with gaming activity and your body shape in mind. Every angle, function and feature has been carefully considered when it comes to the human anatomy. So, if you’re looking for a comfortable chair that can support your body with hours of gameplay, investing in this type of chair could be a real game-changer.


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