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Last year, we wrote an article exploring how your seating position relates to your personality. 

But according to a recent national study, even the way you hold a cushion could suggest certain traits and characteristics! So, we thought we would revisit this fun topic to see if we could shed some more light on what your sitting position says about you…

Hog the sofa?

Are you guilty of taking over the entire sofa? Do you prefer to lie down and stretch out completely? This position suggests you are a good lover! Although you’re more likely to be the least social of all the groups, as well as being a telly addict!

Hug the cushion?

Most of us will have a tendency to grab the nearest cushion, if we’re watching a tense thriller on the telly! But if this is your usual sitting position, then you’re more likely to be kind and generous. Interestingly, you’re also less likely to be a vegan!

Have a habit of sitting on the edge?

In contrast, if you’re permanently perched at the edge of your seat, then you’re in the group who are most likely to be vegan! You’re also less likely to be in a relationship, prefer pets to people, and are more likely to be found with a cat sitting on your lap…

Tend to sit at one end?

When it comes to this (seemingly uncomfortable) position, the bad news is that you’re most likely to be the worst lovers (sorry!). However, the good news is that you are considered to be generous and always on hand to help your friends.

Curl up whenever you’re seated?

This is the most popular position, where people tuck their kegs underneath them in a chair or on the sofa. If this is your usual way of sitting, then the chances are you’re probably in a long-term relationship. You’re also likely to be kind and thoughtful, but you may worry too much. And, this group tends to read more than any other group!

Prefer sitting on the floor?

Now, this could just mean that you have a really uncomfortable chair or sofa! But if you do like to sit on the floor with your back against a seat, then apparently this shows that you’re generally less than considerate compared to others. However, the good news is that it also shows you tend to be worry-free!

Like to spread out across the sofa?

Also known as ‘man spreading’, this is where legs are akimbo! If this sounds like you (or someone you know) then did you know that you’re more likely to be a gym bunny? You’re also unlikely to be embarrassed easily, although you may be more prone to worry…

Do you hug your knees?

This position shows that you are the most friendly and outgoing of all the groups. You’re also likely to be in a relationship. But, surprisingly, you’re less likely to have social media followers. Perhaps you’re far too busy going out and having fun?


So, which sitting position are you most like? We bet that you’ll take much more notice of how your sit from now on! Of course, how you are seated will all depend on the comfort level of your sofa or chair. And, we have a seating solution to suit every personality!

Time to find a more comfortable way to sit? For some inspiration, see our range of sofas and chairs. Our friendly, expert team of customer service advisors are on hand to assist. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am - 5.30pm - call 0116 218 2900 or use our online web chat tool.


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