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Bunk beds are great for kids. But what do you need to know about bunk beds before you buy? Our guide will help you make the right choice...

Bunk beds can be an affordable solution for siblings sharing a room, or a child with a small bedroom. So, what do you need to know about bunk beds before you purchase? We’ve created a quick guide so you can make the right choice, covering safety, play and storage.

Bunk bed safety
First, let’s start with the important stuff – safety. It’s essential to choose a bunk bed that has been manufactured to meet UK safety standards. A well-made bunk bed will have a solid structure and a sturdy ladder affixed to the side. This ensures ease of use throughout the day and night, when small children might be clambering up or down.

A bunk bed needs to have a fixed horizontal guard rail to ensure a child doesn’t accidentally roll off the top bunk. It’s also important to make sure there’s no way they can become caught in any small gaps. The last thing you’ll want is the worry of whether your child is safe in bed.
When choosing a bunk bed, also consider the mattress fit. This needs to sit snugly within the bed frame to prevent a child from sliding out of the top bunk.

Bunk beds are great for kids
Bunk beds are a brilliant solution for siblings sharing a room. Each bed offers its own zone for a child to have some privacy, but with the added benefit of companionship. Each child knows their brother or sister is only a few feet away, which is comforting when they’re small. When children share a room, they learn important life lessons about sharing and being considerate to one another.

Let your child’s mind run wild with the infinite ways you can transform a bunk bed! From a pirate’s ship to a spaceship or a medieval castle, there are various ways you can dress it up. Decorate the bed frame to match your child’s latest phase. This type of bed can easily be changed to reflect different themes as your child gets older. Bunk beds are fun and versatile, offering limitless options for playful designs and ideas. Use clip-on lights to make each area cosy at night.

Space, storage and sleepovers
One way bunk beds are often used isn’t for two children to sleep, but to add extra space to a room. A child could sleep on the top bunk, for example, and the lower bunk might be used as a play area. This can free up much-needed floor space and this area can also be used to store toys. There’s usually storage space underneath the lower bunk too. Use storage bags or boxes that slide out to make it easy for children to access their things.

Are you considering bunk beds as a space-saving solution for your child’s bedroom? Make sure you can change one bed into a spare bed easily, as this will give you a sleepover option. Bunk beds can be a useful way to add an extra guest bed to a busy family home. And some types can fit adults too! So, check your bunk bed is designed for your needs.

Bunk beds can fuel a child’s imagination and offer so many solutions for everyday living. From space-saving storage to enabling siblings to share a bedroom, a great bunk bed will ensure your children get the perfect night’s sleep. Just make sure you choose a well-designed and solidly constructed bed frame for safety. The only concern you’ll want is checking whether your children are getting up to mischief when they should be asleep!

COMING SOON! We are launching a brand-new range of bunk beds. In the meantime, keep an eye on our bed range and new collections. If you need advice, speak to our customer service team or use our online web chat tool.

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