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Nowadays, you can choose from a wide range of reclining chairs in an array of colours and fabrics. So, what are the different types of recliners, and which model is the right choice for your home?

We’ve created a short guide to help you choose your perfect recliner chair.

Push back recliners

Let’s start with the “push” or “push back” recliner chair. Usually the most budget-friendly option, this chair reclines using your body weight to push the chair back. When you want to sit back up, you gently use your legs to return to an upright position. The “push-and-glide” functionality is often used on more compact recliners, ideal for smaller homes and rooms.

Push back reclining chairs are available in a huge range of colours and covers, including dusty pink linenemerald green velvet and brown bonded leather.

Manual recliners

Next, let’s discuss the “manual” or “latch” recliner chair. This is the next level up from the push back and uses a simple mechanism to recline the seat. Pull the latch on the side of the chair to put your feet up. Easy to use and cheaper than power recliners, this type of chair is great for people who prefer to use less bodyweight to operate their recliner.

Manual reclining chairs are also available in a wide range of colours, covers and extra functionality, including rock and swivel. From bold red, bonded leather with heat and massage to the latest technology fabric in soft grey, there’s a style to suit everyone.

Electric Recliners

“Electric” or “power” recliner chairs are operated using the touch of a button on the side of the chair. Ideal for those who struggle to use their bodyweight to operate a reclining chair, and for anyone looking for more ease and comfort. The upholstery for these types of chairs tends to be made more durable fabric, such as bonded leather or super-soft, jumbo cord.
Electric reclining chairs come in a number of neutral colours to blend in with any décor scheme and functionality. You can choose a chair from soft cream bonded leather to smooth black bonded leather with heat and massage. Our top tip is to check the size of your room, as electric recliners are larger than manual models.

Single and Dual Motor Rise-Recliners

“Rise recliners” or “riser recliners” are the ideal chair for anyone with mobility problems and older people who may need extra assistance to sit and stand. This type of chair rises up to an almost standing position and also reclines back to a sleeping position. So, what’s the difference between single and dual motor models?

single motor rise recliner controls both the footrest and backrest simultaneously, so you are lifted up in one smooth move. A dual motor rise recliner allows you to control the footrest and backrest independently, giving you a wider variety of seating positions. Both chairs are operated using a controller, which can be stored in the chair’s side pocket.

Rise recliners are available in a range of colours and fabrics to suit modern or more traditional room styles. Choose from beautiful stone leather to soft charcoal fabric. You will need to allow for space around a rise recliner so it can be operated correctly. Always measure up before you buy this type of chair or speak to our customer service team.


At Furniture Online, we specialise in recliners, and we have a superb range to suit every taste and age group. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing chair, or you need to upgrade to a brand-new model with more functionality, our collections cover an array of designs, colours and fabrics. So, whether you want a contemporary chair or something more traditional, you’ll easily find a recliner to match your home décor scheme.

Looking for a new recliner? Our range includes reclining chairs and sofas! If you need any advice, speak to our customer service team or use our online web chat tool.

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