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Whether you’re still working from home, or you run a business from a spare room, your working space needs to be designed with productivity in mind.


Whether you’re still working from home, or you run a business from a spare room, your working space needs to be designed with productivity in mind. Is it time to upgrade your home office? You don’t have to spend much to make big changes. And refreshing your workspace could help to boost your focus during your working day.

Get rid of any clutter and maximise space

A well-organised home office will allow you to think more clearly. Remove any items from the room that are not needed. If you have piles of books or notebooks, only keep ones to hand that are either useful or in use. Reduce your document storage by using archive boxes and take out of the room. Hide paperwork in filing cabinets or even better, go totally digital.

Look around to see if you can maximise the space with extra storage. If you have a blank wall, could you fit a shelving unit to store folders and books? If you have a printer, place on a sideboard or cupboard, which can be used to store stationery, paper, envelopes and printer cartridges. Place a plant or a lamp alongside to make the area more aesthetically appealing.

Increase natural light and strategically position lamps

Bringing natural light into your home office could boost your productivity. According to research, workers exposed to more natural light saw an increase in their productivity levels. Swap heavy curtains for fitted blinds to maximise window space. Place your desk so you have a window adjacent to enjoy the benefits without daylight obscuring your screen.

As the days get darker, you will need to turn to artificial light more and more. So, think about your room dynamics and place lamps strategically, so you get the most benefit from the light they bring. You may have to test different zones of your room to see what works and what doesn’t. A floor lamp, for example, might work better than a desk lamp in some instances.

Re-energise your home office colour palette

Certain colours can help fuel creativity for different activities. If your career or business is scientific, or you work with words or numbers, then shades of blue or green can help you to concentrate. If you’re more of a creative spirit, then warmer colours such as yellow, orange and red can help to increase the energy in a room.

If you prefer neutral walls, then you can use objects, photos, artwork or greenery to motivate you, brighten up the space and to create ambience. After all, you are likely to be spending a great deal of time each day in your home office. So, it’s important that this space matches your business activities and your personality.

Choose a comfy chair and ergonomic desk

The features and functions of your office chair are important, as well as the right size of desk. Standing desks are increasingly popular, allowing you to work standing up, and some adjustable models are powered by hydraulics so you can lower the desk when seated. This type of desk can help to alleviate the pressure on your back when sitting for long periods. Your choice of chair will depend on the type of business you run or your job role.

If you’re likely to be sat in front of a laptop all day, then go for an office gaming chair. These chairs recline and have superb posture support, along with padded, adjustable armrests. Most gaming chairs can be easily adjusted in terms of height, and many models also have extra functions such as rock and tilt, or they come with an additional footstool. Gaming chairs are essential for business owners and career-climbers used to working long hours.

Are you usually out and about during the day, only using your home office for short periods? Why not choose a gorgeous fancy office chair in a vibrant fabric or colour, which you can mix and match with your room décor? Ideal for home salons, you’ll also impress your customers!

Upgrade your home office this autumn with one of our fantastic office chairs or office gaming chairs. If you have any queries or need advice, contact our friendly, expert customer service team by using our online web chat tool.

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