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At some point, everyone loves a great night in, especially on a cold wintry evening.

With the rise of box sets, Netflix, and easy-access movie channels, staying home has never been so easy. In fact, you really cannot beat watching a top-rated movie in the comfort of your own chair, armed with an array of tasty snacks. But if your current armchair is not giving you all the comfort you need, then it might be time to replace your old-timer with a brand-new model.

Here are our top five super-comfy movie chairs:

Rockingham – Rock, Recline, Heat & Massage

The ultimate movie chair and one of our best sellers, this takes the top spot on our list. There really isn’t much the Rockingham armchair cannot do! With an 8-point vibrational massage and heat option, recline, swivel and rocking functions, as well as handy side pockets and drinks holders, this is the perfect way to watch a movie. Choose from three different models depending on your price point. So, just pick the type and colour right for you. 

Cheshire– Cost-effective Recliner

If you’re looking for comfort on a budget, this armchair is a great option. The Cheshire is covered in soft bond grade leather and will blend into a wide range of décor schemes. Simply use the manual latch on the side to recline to your heart’s content. Great for snuggling up with a blanket, simply pop your feet up, sit back and watch your favourite film.

Cinemax– Compact Rise Recliner, Heat & Massage

The Cinemax is aptly named, as you can enjoy a heated soothing massage while you watch your movie. This armchair is more compact than the previous two models and comes as a rise and dual rise. Ideal if you have mobility issues, this chair gives you extra support to help you get in and out of your chair. Practical, easy to clean, with cup holders and handy side pockets, this super-comfy rise recliner is a worthy contender for a movie chair.

Roxby – Recline, Swivel, Heat & Massage

Due to its super-stylish padded design and leather cover, the Roxby is a real looker and will certainly catch people’s attention. With a heated seat and 8-point vibrational massage, sink back and enjoy the full cinematic experience in sheer comfort. This armchair also comes with handy drinks holders and side pockets, so you can store magazines and controllers (or chocolate and other movie snacks!).

Salisbury– Electric Recliner, Heat & Massage

The Salisbury has a simple, understated design and is so easy to use. This reclining armchair is covered in smooth bonded leather and will match virtually any room you choose. If you or a family member suffer from back issues, there are eight vibrational massage pads and a heated base to help soothe any stressed or tight muscles. This chair also comes with a handy side pocket for easy-to-reach snacks – essential when you’re fully absorbed by your movie!

Choosing a new armchair is the perfect solution to uncomfortable movie nights. Why not enjoy some quality family time together in comfort, watching your favourite film or box set? And, you can always buy multiple chairs for all the family to avoid any arguments!


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