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From minimalist to keeping it natural, what are the standout ‘must have’ summer colours and interior design trends for 2021?

After the constant, ever-changing landscape of the past year, this summer is all about bringing blue skies and pale hues into your living spaces.

We check out what’s hot in the design world during these warm, balmy, summer months:

Blue sky thinking

As most of us have given up thinking we’re going to be heading off to tropical lands this year, why not bring a blue-sky vibe into your home with vibrant feature walls or furniture? Go for cobalt or azure blue and offset with surrounding white walls to create a Grecian look.

Neutral all the way

Neutral fabrics and furniture are always a great long-term choice because you can easily mix and match objects and furnishings as different trends come and go. Taupe, ivory, sand, warm greys and beige tones are all the rage this year. Think summer beach home.

Let there be light!

Get rid of heavy curtains and open those windows wide to let in as much natural light as possible. The work you do now will really pay off as the days become shorter later in the year. But for the time-being, think about ways to maximise sunlight, such as sheer fabrics.

A Minimal attitude

After a brief interlude of busier design trends, minimalism is back! Open spaces, clean lines and simplistic design define this style. Embrace the natural light within your home to enjoy every season and experiment with small splashes of colour. Calm décor for cool living.

Splash of colour

When you’re playing with colour within a space, think about how you can create a statement. Keep the room neutral with a minimalist look but switch it up with a sudden explosion of a bold red or blue using a chair, cushion, throw or a feature lamp. Create a focal point.

Get planting

Plant care has never been so popular! And real plants help to purify the air in your home too. So, bring nature into your home with a range of different greenery. Mix and match plant pots to offset your interior design colour palette. Becoming a Plant Parent will give you lots of joy.

Discover your Boho heart

Continuing with the natural theme, add tactile fibres, fabrics and anything woven, such as wicker and rattan. Use earthy tones in your furnishings to offset your neutral palette. Place terracotta pots and wooden tables with a super-comfy, jumbo-cord sofa. Go totally Boho.

Functional furniture

Think about the purpose of every room and the interplay between tables, chairs and your sofa. Does everything work well together? How can you maximise the functionality of certain pieces? Items like storage stools can help you declutter smaller living spaces and bedrooms.

Split your room spaces

Carrying on with the idea of functionality, how can you break up areas in your home to create purposeful spaces? A clever use of furniture and shelving will help you create different zones within a room, where you and your children can work or play. Try it…

Choosing a fresh summer palette is the key to bringing the sunshine into your home and creating relaxing spaces for everyday use. Look for opportunities to bring in natural light and a nod to nature within your living areas. Mix sky blue hues with white walls and neutral sandy shades. Offset with purposeful splashes of colour and lots of plants. And, when you’re upgrading your home décor scheme, why not add a few new furniture items to your rooms?

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