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Spring is in the air and it’s a great time of year to give your home a deep clean and refresh your décor.


Spring is in the air and it’s a great time of year to give your home a deep clean and refresh your décor. But how can you bring some springtime colour into your home and liven up your interior design scheme? Following on from our recent articles on accent colours, we thought we’d share some more colour tips and hints for your home.

Practical yet decorative
There are many ways to make your room pop with colour without resorting to random objects and ornaments. If your bedroom is looking a little lacklustre, you could freshen the room up with a pretty pink velvet ottoman placed at the foot of your bed. Not only will this give you extra storage for bed linen and blankets, but this handy bedroom bench is ideal if your room is too small for a chair. A simple seating solution that will upscale your bedroom.

If you want to add a springtime, seasonal feel to your interior décor scheme, then consider colours you would find in nature such as spring blossom and shades of green. A good starting point when trying to choose your accent colour is to pick out an existing colour in the room, which could be from a pattern featured on cushions or curtains. This will create a connection within the room, helping to link different room elements together.

Simple room change
Instead of totally refurbing your home, one simple change can make a big difference, and this is where an accent colour can really help to upscale the look and feel of a room. If you want to inject a sense of focus or energy into the room, pick a colour that has the same quality of brightness and depth. For example, a vibrant yellow linen accent chair will beautifully offset a bold blue wall as both colours are of similar intensity.

Contrary to popular belief, accent colours are not necessarily ‘clashing’ colours, it’s all about contrast. The key to finding a suitable accent colour is to match the hue (intensity) or tone (depth of colour) of existing room colours to enhance the space. Your accent colour could also be in the same tonal range but in a deeper or lighter shade. If you are aiming for a natural colour palette to echo the season, look outside for inspiration. Spend time in nature.

Improve your mood
Colours have a direct effect on our mood. Think about the way a room is to be used before choosing a hue. If the room needs to exude a cosy ambience, then you might prefer warmer colours. If you are revamping a space for quiet contemplation, then you might prefer a cooler or neutral palette. An elegant accent chair in dark green linen could add the perfect finishing touch to a living room or study, especially if you are seeking a springtime colour palette.

When you’re looking to create a relaxing atmosphere in a room, carefully consider how certain colours make you feel. Of course, we all have our favourite colours, but these might not necessarily work in certain rooms. Use colour to freshen up a room to match the change in seasons from winter to spring. And later on in the year, simply add extra colour to your home to help brighten up your home during those darker days in winter.


Along with colour, always consider the style of any accent furniture too. Some chair styles can transform a room simply by their shape and design, and they don’t have to match your existing furniture. Use as a statement piece of furniture to upscale a space or to improve the functionality of a room. Why not refresh the overall look of a room in your home this spring with a beautiful and colourful new accent chair, footstool or ottoman?

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