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Have you thought about buying a reclining chair, but you’re not sure where to start?


Have you thought about buying a reclining chair, but you’re not sure where to start? There are so many questions to ask when buying a recliner chair, it can feel overwhelming. Maybe you’ve not quite made up your mind about whether a recliner is right for you? Well, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to help you make the right decision. Read on!

1. Should you buy a recliner?
Recliner chairs are no longer exclusively used by those with mobility problems, although this is one of their main selling points. Everyone can benefit from a reclining chair because there’s nothing better than sinking back into a comfortable armchair after a long, hard day. And as many recliners have lots of extra special features too, many models offer a luxurious level of relaxation. So, how comfy do you want to be?

2. Will the recliner enhance your life?
Although every recliner chair has been designed for comfort, some have been purpose-built with specific functions to help those less mobile. A rise recliner is a type of chair that uses a dual motor to lift you up to an almost standing position, as well as reclining to an almost sleeping position. Ideal for those with arthritis, stiff joints or back problems, a rise recliner does all the hard work for you, making them ideal for older people.

3. What are the different types of recliners?
Let’s start with the
push recliner, which you power using your legs and feet. Next up is the latch recliner, which you recline by pulling a level on the side of the chair. Add a single motor to the mix and the next level up is the electric recliner, which you operate by pressing a button. We’ve already mentioned the rise recliner, but you can also choose a model with a rocking or swivel ability. And there are even massage recliners too.

4. What features should you choose?
As with anything in life, the more features, the higher the price. But you might be surprised to find just how many features you can find on a reclining chair at an affordable price. At the most basic level is a push recliner, ideal for those on a tight budget. And at the other end of the scale are the power recliners with heat and massage functions, which enable you to enjoy a spa experience in the comfort of your home.

5. What should the recliner be made from?
Look for quality materials, such as deep foam padding, a sturdy frame and a good level of posture support. Recliner chairs are available in a range of covers, so choose a material that suits how it will be used and by whom. Bonded leather upholstery has a luxurious look and is also easy to keep clean. If you want a feature chair, choose a linen covered recliner in a bold pattern. Match the recliner to your existing décor scheme.

6. How do I choose the recliner size?
Look at the space where you intend to place the chair and make sure there is enough room for the chair once it’s fully reclined. For large recliners, you should allow at least one foot of space from the wall. You don’t want your recliner chair backed up against a wall, as you may scuff the fabric when reclining. You can buy more compact recliners for small homes or apartments, but always measure the space to make sure it will fit.

Everyone in the family can benefit from some kind of recliner. These luxurious chairs are much more comfortable than a standard sofa, as you can kick back and relax feeling fully supported. Before buying, think carefully about your needs or those of your family members. Then, choose a style that fits with your décor scheme, existing furniture and furnishings.

If you or a family member have mobility issues, then rise recliners can really enhance your quality of life, helping to prevent unnecessary injuries when trying to sit or stand. As with all our recliners, you will always enjoy great quality on a budget including our rise recliners, as we want to make great chairs accessible to everyone.

Whether it’s for relaxation or to improve your mobility, we offer a huge range of recliner chairs to meet your every need. And as new models are added regularly, keep an eye on our ever-growing collection. We even have a selection of reclining sofas for the whole family to enjoy. Need advice? Contact our friendly customer service team, using our online web chat tool.


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