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Know the difference between manual and motorised, massage and swivel?




Know the difference between manual and motorised, massage and swivel? How do you select the right recliner for your home? You’ll need to consider functionality, your room size and your budget. Whether you’re a couple, family or an older person living on your own, choosing a recliner chair can seem like a minefield when there’s so much choice available.

So, we thought we’d share some advice we give to our customers to ensure you pick the right recliner for your home and your individual needs.

Purely for comfort?

If you’re just after a comfortable recliner, then make a note of the following to help you create your shortlist:

  • Budget? Put simply, the more you expect your recliner to do the more expensive this type of chair will be. At a basic level, there are push recliners, which use your bodyweight to recline and your legs to bring the chair back into an upright position. Next, there’s the latch recliner, which has a simple mechanism on the side to operate the chair. Then there’s the ‘power’ single electric motorised recliner, which you can control from a handset. And a dual motorised recliner will give you a rise recliner.

  • Functions? Following on from the above, when you get into the territory of power recliners, you start seeing extra options, such as heat and massage functions. Some reclining armchairs come with an 8-point vibrational massage, and you can change the programs and the intensity using a handset. Besides electric models, you can also find recliners with a swivel or rocking ability, drinks holders and side pockets.

  • Fabric or leather? Choosing the right upholstery is key and you need to make sure the colours match with your existing room décor schemes. Fabric recliners are a great option for rooms where you want to optimise your body temperature, as the material will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Jumbo cord upholstery is a great option for extra cosiness. Faux or bond grade leather are easy to wipe clean.

Mobility issues or back problems?

Consider a rise recliner. This is an electric chair powered by a dual motor that can lift people up into an almost standing position so they can gently rise out of the chair, minimising the pressure on weak joints. Ideal for older people, especially within care home settings, this type of armchair will recline to an almost sleeping position, which is ideal for afternoon naps. If a rise recliner is out of your budget, then a power recliner is your next best option.

Looking to save space?

There are a number of compact reclining chairs that will easily fit into smaller houses, such as new build homes, apartments, student halls, etc. As space comes at a premium in these types of dwellings, you need to ensure you have enough space within the room to recline the chair. Push recliners are usually the most space-efficient models for small rooms. Some models have such a discrete recline function, you would never guess it was there.

Looking to maximise your space?

Most reclining chairs have a built-in footrest, but some models with extra functionality, such as swivel recliners, often come with an additional footstool. These types of chairs can become feature items in living rooms and home offices. Some models also have a wingback design to provide you with an extra level of neck support, which is perfect for reading your fave novel. And there’s a brand-new hybrid gaming recliner if you want a real talking point.

Before you choose your brand-new recliner, think carefully about all the functions and details that are going to give you an all-around enjoyable and comfortable experience.

At Furniture Online, we can help you choose your perfect recliner. If you need advice, our friendly, expert customer service team are on hand to answer your queries - use our online web chat tool.


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