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The move to home working seems set to stay for some time, if not permanently for some people.

If you would like to know how to create your perfect home office, there are lots of things to consider. We share some useful tips to help you design a practical yet aesthetically pleasing workspace in your home.

Home working is here to stay

In the wake of the pandemic, home offices were set up on the fly, as people suddenly found themselves working at home with very little warning. But for many workers, home working has become permanent. Replacing a temporary home office setup with more thought-out solutions will help your body health, as you can design a more ergonomic workspace. And a long-term setup will need to align with the aesthetics of your overall home décor scheme.

Location, location, location…

If you haven’t found your perfect home office space, then spend a bit of time reviewing suitable areas around your home. Ideally, you’ll want a quiet area, free from any distractions, so you can focus on the work at hand. Also, bear in mind any potential distractions when you are on a Zoom or Teams videocall. A nook in a sitting room might seem fine, but if you’re too close to a kitchen, you could be disturbed by noises from a kettle or washing machine.

Let there be light!

Ideally, if you can flood your chosen area with natural light this will help you to feel more energized. Natural light is great for wellbeing, so being close to a window could keep you in a better mood. From an environmental perspective, more natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting, keeping your energy consumption down. If you’re on a lot of videocalls, play around with the setup. If you’re facing a window, this could result in you appearing as a shadow to your teammates. A side window is better and will protect your eyes from daylight.

Desk space

Choosing the right type of desk is crucial because poorly designed worktops could affect your posture, leading to painful problems with your neck, back and wrists. A good standard desk built to the required height will allow you to sit more comfortably. As sitting down for too long can be bad for your health, many people are investing into standing desks. This type of desk often uses hydraulics to raise the desk up and down, so you can sit and stand.

Storage matters

Do you really need all that stuff in your home office space? Think about the essential items you need to do your daily job. As more people use digital filing systems, instead of shelves full of folders, consider archiving a few and only keep day-to-day files to hand. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind, so opt for a notebook instead of thousands of post-it notes. Get clever with your storage solutions, hiding stationery in discrete yet stylish cabinets.

Inspiring décor

The décor scheme you use for a home office space needs to include colours and patterns that make you feel productive. Colour palettes can have a big effect on our emotions and can help us manage our stress levels. Many people stick to neutral, natural and paler tones, such as off-whites, cool blues and sage greens. If you’re a creative, you might think differently, preferring richer, earthier or even bold shades to inspire innovative thinking.

Choose the right chair

At the start of the pandemic, many people set up workstations anywhere they could find a space. As a result, people have spent the past two years perched on kitchen bar stools, dining chairs or cheap chairs that lack any support. Since then, there's been an explosion in new and exciting office chairs. If you’re looking for a designer-inspired, on-trend model to match your décor, choose a fancy office chair. But if you’re looking for a comfy, ergonomic, fully adjustable option that can recline, tilt and even rock, consider an office gaming chair.

Business and leisure

When you are creating a workspace at home, it’s often all about balance. You might use the areas as an office by day, and your kids might use the space in the evening for homework or computer gaming. Maybe you’re a keen gamer and you need a comfy chair that will support your posture for several hours, day and night? If so, then consider a high spec, high-quality gaming chair, which will give you the perfect all-round solution for your needs.


Working from home is here to stay for many of us, so it makes sense to invest in the very best instead of making do with a poor home office setup, which could affect your posture.
The two most important factors to consider are your chair and your desk. Not only will these provide you with long-term comfort, but you could see your productivity levels increase too. These essential pieces of furniture will make your home a better place to live and work.

Achieving the perfect work-from-home environment includes finding the best office chair and desk for your needs. Adapting your home office to become a healthier place will make your 8-hour working day more enjoyable too. Always consider your needs and never scrimp on quality furniture. Make your home office even better than a conventional workplace.

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