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Whether it’s a new TV or you’re changing the room around, we’ve made a list of top tips on how to choose the right TV unit for your living room. 


Whether it’s a new TV or you’re changing the room around, we’ve made a list of top tips on how to choose the right TV unit for your living room. From measuring up to choosing an aesthetically pleasing style, our guide to TV units will help you make the right choice.

Measure the space
Before you choose your TV unit, you will need to consider the size of the room and pick a suitable location. It’s a good idea to test this out, if possible, by temporarily placing the TV in different areas around your living room and then seeing how this affects your viewing ability. Your TV unit is likely to dominate the room, but you don’t want it to overwhelm the space. So it's important to choose a good location that ensures everyone can watch the TV with ease.

Consider the height
There are optimal heights for TV units. Ideally, you want to make sure the screen is positioned just below eye level. Too high or too low and this could cause you to crane your neck, which will affect your TV viewing enjoyment. But ultimately the height of your TV unit will depend on your living room size. In larger rooms, you’re likely to be sitting further way, so you’ll have much more flexibility when it comes to getting the TV height right.

Viewing quality
Along with measuring the potential area for your TV stand, check that everyone in the room has a decent view of the screen. Ideally, you’ll want a central location, but this isn’t always possible. Avoid placing TVs in front of windows or with the window directly facing the TV, as the light will reflect on your screen and reduce your viewing ability. Some people fix the TV above a fireplace, but depending on the style, this can be too high for comfortable viewing.

Stand size
A key factor when it comes to choosing a TV unit it to make sure it can support the size of your TV. Sizes should be listed in the product descriptions, for example, a 55” TV would usually require a 49” wide unit and a 70” TV would need a 63” wide unit. It’s important to make sure you get the right-sized unit for your TV to avoid it toppling over and causing damage. Quality units should be built from a strong material – always check before buying.

Stand style
Balance the practical with the aesthetic. The material for a TV unit could match your existing furniture for that all-round aesthetic. If you have a versatile space that gives you a bit of flexibility, you could create a feature from your TV stand with a striking look or material. A solid oak unit will stand the test of time. The current trend for TV units includes items supported by stylish legs, opening up the space beneath, which could be useful for storage.

Multiple purposes
In smaller living rooms, a higher TV unit with built-in storage has space-saving benefits. This is less of a concern for larger rooms, where lower TV units work well and can be matched to coffee tables. Combination furniture, such as units with shelving and cupboards, give you the ability to keep your living room clutter-free. You might decide to store books or music in the unit, or you might want to display ornaments and photos on the surface.

Your living room is usually the place you will spend the most time relaxing and watching TV. So, choose a good TV unit that enhances your relaxation and ensures everyone in the room can enjoy your favourite box set or the latest Netflix hit. And don’t forget, these units are not only great for positioning your TV, but they also provide handy storage. Along with various items and devices, TV units keep set-top boxes neat and tidy, and out of the way.

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