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According to Pinterest, people saving herringbone patterns has gone up by 131% during this year.

A whole new generation is waking up to the timeless elegance of this classic geometric pattern. Beloved of interior designers and magazine editors, herringbone has stood the test of time for countless generations. This stylish pattern has emerged once again as the ‘must-have’ look for home interiors, appearing in flooring, carpet, splashbacks, curtains, furniture and much more. And, this is why we have included herringbone as our top seasonal fabric for one of our top-sellers…

Classic beauty

You can bring the beauty of herringbone into your own home as a stunning armchair, thanks to the latest addition to our best-selling range of  Eden Pushback Recliner Armchairs. Our fastest-selling chair of all time, the Eden outranks all other recliners for its combination of comfort and elegance. In essence, this is a recliner that doesn’t even look like a recliner…

Cleverly hidden 

Inside the Eden Herringbone, is a framework with a recliner mechanism, so when the chair is fully upright there is nothing to distinguish it from a classic wingback armchair. Just sit down, push back, and the Eden transforms into a super-comfortable recliner, complete with a raised footrest that can be adjusted to your optimum position.


Relax and Recline

If you have never tried a recliner armchair before, you’re in for a treat. Not only are these chairs designed to be supremely comfortable as an upright chair, but when you recline, your body is supported to allow you to relax, watch TV, read, or enjoy a quiet snooze. And, once you are ready to sit up again, gently kick back with your legs, and the chair will glide smoothly and effortlessly back into an upright position.

Timeless Style

Of course, just because you want a comfortable recliner chair doesn’t mean you want to compromise on your sense of style, and with the Eden you don’t have to. Its timeless shape means it is equally at home in a period or a contemporary setting. This cleverly disguised recliner chair is the perfect feature for any modern sitting room.

Comfort and Design

Firmly supported on elegant dark wood legs, it is superbly upholstered in high-quality, durable fabric. Soft padding provides superior lumbar support, and the robust chair mechanism allows you to recline fully to an almost sleeping position. As well as Beige, Blue and Grey shades in Herringbone, the Eden is also available in a range of tartan for those looking for an English country feel.

The Eden is also one of our easiest recliner chairs to assemble – 10 minutes and you’re done. Simply click the backrest into the seat and attach the legs. And, it comes at a highly competitive price, so you can enjoy leading-edge interior fashion without having to pay a leading-edge price tag.

Herringbone Recliner Upright

Eden Herringbone - On Trend

Only available in a range of tartan up until now, the new Eden Herringbone Recliner Armchair is expected to be even more popular than other chairs in this range, due to its bang on-trend interior style.

If you’re looking for a recliner that looks like a traditional armchair, the Eden is a perfect choice. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, we also have a range of recliners and rise re

Why not take a look at Our Full Range of Chairs or speak to one of our helpful, friendly team?

We are always happy to help you can find the right chair for your home or office. 

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