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You’ve invested in a brand-new sofa, so you’ll want to make sure it looks its best for many years ahead.

But how can you give your sofa a little TLC so it lasts even longer? We share a few sofa care tips, so you and your family can enjoy your sofa time together. There are some simple tricks which will extend the life of your sofa and ensure it stays comfortable, too.

Your sofa is your happy place. It gently cradles you at the end of a long day and it’s where you stretch out to watch a movie or box set with your partner or family. So, why not show it some love? Follow our top tips for caring for your sofa or apply to your fave armchair…

Common mishaps, spills, stains and marks
It’s almost the stuff of nightmares. You’ve bought a new sofa and you’ve spilt coffee on the neutral grey cover. Or your little ones have decided to leave sticky handprints on your gorgeous plush leather sofa. Maybe your fave Chinese takeaway has tipped over and you’re faced with an endless task of retrieving egg fried rice from in between your seat cushions. Well, we can’t stop life from happening, but we can help you deal with certain mishaps!

5 Easy sofa care methods

  1. Think about your sofa position. If it’s in direct sunlight, fabric colours and leather could fade sooner than expected. If you have an open-plan layout, then make sure your sofa has a durable, wipe-clean cover so it can withstand cooking aromas. Always keep furniture well away from any food preparation wherever possible.

  2. Consider any nearby heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces, as they will have an effect on leather upholstery. Try to keep sofas about 1 metre away, if possible.

  3. Plump up seat cushions to keep them in shape. Otherwise, you may find that the fibres become meshed together, causing lumps and bumps over time. And if you have velvet upholstery, use a clothes brush to fluff up the pile and bring it back to life.

  4. Tackle any stains as soon as you spot them. For leather sofas, soak up wet stains with a clean, dry cloth and then use a leather-friendly cleaning product to maintain the upholstery. For linen or fabric-covered chairs, spot clean with an appropriate cleaning product. Always double-check the label for suitability to avoid any risk of damage.

  5. Carefully vacuum under seats on at least a monthly basis to get rid of any fluff, dirt or grit, which could build up and damage the upholstery over time. Even dust can cause permanent marks if left unchecked. A little bit of regular care goes a very long way.

Protect your sofa from pets
If you have pets in the house, you’ll know all too well how their fur seems to get everywhere! And if you have a cat, you’ll also know they tend to have a habit of stretching their claws in the worst possible places, like your sofa or armchair! Well, there are a few things you can do to protect your furniture from pets. The easy option is to use a throw or cover and encourage them to use this. But you’ll still find pet hair in places, so a regular deep clean is needed.

We recommend a thorough vacuum, underneath and down the sides of seat cushions. If you’re worried about scratches, sofa models with durable rubberwood legs and linen upholstery can be a good option. Or just train your cat or dog to wear shoes…

Start giving your sofa a little TLC from today to ensure you can enjoy a long life with your favourite piece of furniture. After all, your sofa is likely to be the beating heart of your living room, so you will want peace of mind that every member of the family can relax in comfort.

Find your perfect sofa today with Furniture Online. If you need any help, simply speak to our friendly customer service team, who are on hand to answer your queries. Contact us by using our online webchat tool.


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