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How do you choose between a gaming chair vs. an office chair?

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs: which is best?

How do you choose between a gaming chair vs. an office chair? Both types of chair are designed with a focus on comfort and ergonomics, so what do you need to know so you can pick the right model for office work, gameplay, or both? We get the lowdown on what makes these chairs tick, so you can choose the best type of chair for your needs.


Whether you’re a gamer or a desk-based worker (or both!), you’re likely to spend hours each day seated on your chair, so a good level of supportive padding is essential. Some leading models of office chair have been designed purely with ergonomics in mind. The bad news is that you’ll need to shell out several hundred pounds for an office chair with all the best features, e.g. pump up lumbar support or memory foam seat cushions.

High-density foam is used in gaming chairs, which have also been ergonomically designed to support your body from head to toe at the fraction of the price of an equivalent office chair. Gaming chairs usually offer a high level of lumbar support, and many models come with a removable back cushion and neck pillow. Padded armrests are a must for supporting wrists.

Easy manoeuvrability is important for comfort too. Usually, both chair types have sturdy castor wheels, which enable a smooth glide across office spaces and home areas. However, office chairs can often weigh more than gaming chairs, which can cause issues if you sometimes need to move the chair around to different rooms on other floor levels.


When comparing an office chair with a gaming chair, check you can easily adjust the height - usually, this is via a gas lift mechanism. Many models offer seat tilt functionality too, which can be a handy extra feature to help support your spine, along with the ability to adjust the armrests. Many office chairs literally leave your hands hanging over the edge, which can exacerbate RSI (repetitive strain syndrome).

One of the best features of a gaming chair is the fact that many models enable you to recline to an almost sleeping position, which is perfect for late-night gameplay. If you choose a gaming chair with adjustable armrests, then you can even slide some gaming chairs underneath your desk to maximise the surrounding space – ideal for home office areas.


As office chairs focus more on the comfort factor than design, they tend to be less eye-catching when compared to gaming chairs. Although you can opt for a vast range of colours and fabrics when it comes to some office chair ranges, the style tends to be plain and samey. A lot of thought goes into gaming chair aesthetics. Some models are even styled to reflect a racing car design with a variety of striking styles, features and accent colours to choose from. You can create a bold statement in your office or home with a gaming chair.

But if you’re only using a chair in an office, then this type of chair will probably suit you fine. However, the added bonus of a gaming chair is that it both looks and acts the part when it comes to ergonomic design and aesthetics.


The fabric covers on office chairs make them much more prone to wear and tear, whereas gaming chairs covered in faux leather will last for many years to come. Although textured fabric covers can provide warmth and comfort, these won’t suit a gamer playing for hours with messy drinks at hand! Many gaming chairs are covered in wipe-clean faux leather making them ideal for late-night snacks and gaming action when you need to level up.

Designed with fast action gameplay in mind, gaming chairs have been built for impact, making them more shock-proof for sudden movements. More advanced office chairs can offer a degree of durability, usually in the form of a steel frame and hard rubber finishings.

Whether you choose an office chair or a gaming chair, it’s important that you’re able to adjust the chair to suit your posture. In many cases, a gaming chair can be ideal for use in the office, offering more flexibility than a standard office chair. And you get a lot more for your money in terms of ergonomic design, which means you can use a gaming chair when you’re at work or play.

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