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Still working from home? Or maybe you’re doing a spot of hybrid working? The trend for home offices continues, despite people returning to the workplace. But did you know that applying feng shui to your home office could help you improve your focus, and possibly your finances, too?

In our recent blog, Top Tips to Feng Shui any Room in Your Home, we explored this ancient art of placement, which aims to bring balance and harmony to your home. So, this time around, we decided to apply feng shui principles to your home office to see if this can increase your focus during your working day.

Declutter and get organised!

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. So, if you want to think clearly, it’s obvious that you should keep your home office tidy. This will also allow energies to flow freely around the room – or “chi” as it’s known in feng shui. Minimise your document storage if you can and hide this away within cupboards and filing cabinets. Get rid of anything you do not need – this form of release is considered powerful for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Plants and natural elements

In feng shui, Wood is an important element for growth and vitality, which is why adding wooden and natural elements like plants into your home office is encouraged. Think about having a wooden desk to embrace these natural energies. According to some feng shui experts, adding real plants to your home office can help to boost energy, reduce stress, improve your communication and, of course, they will naturally clean the air.

Light and air and breathe…

Look for ways to bring more natural light into your home office. Some studies have reported seeing an increase in productivity when workers are exposed to natural light. Air is a feng shui element and good air circulation will encourage a positive energy flow. Remove any obstacles that are blocking doorways or windows. If you cannot open windows in your home office or the space tends to become a bit stuffy at times, then add an air purifier.

Colours in feng shui

Feng shui also applies to colours for work settings! Do you need to focus on writing, science or mathematics in your career or business? Paint your walls beige, blue or green and then accent with lighting, rugs and artwork to boost your productivity. If you’re creative, add red, orange and yellow to your décor scheme to switch up the room energies. Place motivating objects or pictures within your home office to energise you towards reaching your goals.

Windows in your office

Never sit with a window behind you! Apparently, sitting with your back to the window could hinder your career! But having a view to the outside is considered to be positive. Feng shui recommends sitting with your back to a solid wall for support. But you could also include plants, as mentioned above, as these are stabilising forces.

Desk facing the door

Heard of the “command position”? This involves moving your desk to face the door to your home office, and this could help improve your finances and work. A rectangular-shaped desk is recommended, and if you combine a wooden desktop with a metal frame, you could boost your mental focus and knowledge. In feng shui, Metal symbolises logic and intelligence.

Chair feng shui

Yes, this is actually a thing! Even the individual features of your chair all have a part to play in helping to promote positive feng shui energies. How much time you spend in the office will determine how much support you will need from your chair. Look for a solid chair base to encourage job or business stability. Supportive armrests symbolise protection. And a solid, high back with a lumbar support is essential for career-climbers working long hours.

Feng shui could help to bring positive energy, greater health and success to your life by positioning objects and elements in ways that optimise energy or “chi”. At the very least, applying a little feng shui to your home office will help you to focus better. And good concentration tends to lead to greater productivity which could result in you seeing some financial benefits as mentioned above! Introducing some positive energy into your home office will help you when you’re working and will lead to more quality downtime, too.

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