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There’s nothing better than curling up in the comfort of your own home, as the days get darker and colder.


There’s nothing better than curling up in the comfort of your own home, as the days get darker and colder. And this year, many people will be looking for ways to make their homes even cosier than usual. We look at some cosy autumn home decor ideas for inspiration.

Warm, autumnal colour palette

As the leaves start to fall and the days get rainier, it’s no surprise that many people will be seeking refuge in their living rooms. According to Pinterest, the search phrase “autumn aesthetic” has increased by 125 per cent. People’s moods are shifting in line with the season. It’s time to snuggle up under cosy blankets with a hot cuppa watching the latest Netflix hit series. But how can you create that extra level of cosiness in your home?

The first way to achieve an autumnal vibe is to look at your colour palette. We’re not talking about mimicking the fallen leaves outside with obvious orange, ochre and rusty shades. Aim for a colour palette that promotes feelings of warmth and safety. Colour is a personal choice, and you might prefer warm pinks, stone greys, terracotta or earthier hues. You don’t have to drench a room in paint; you could just change your cushions and throws.

Bring the outside in with seasonal foliage

We’ve mentioned biophilic design in various articles, and these principles are still trending this autumn. Look at ways you can bring outside elements indoors. Seasonal wreaths and table centrepieces will create an autumnal accent in line with the changing season. Use grasses, seed heads and dried foliage to recreate the sense of falling leaves. Add extra lamps to give dark corners an extra warm glow when the sun goes down.

The use of scent can also evoke the feeling of autumn. Place a spicy reed diffuser in your living room for a warm fragrance. Trending scents this year are Vanilla, Dark Honey & Tobacco, and Woodsmoke & Leather. You can also buy vegan scented soy wax melts.

Warm it up with soft throws and fabrics

A cosy room should have a cocoon effect. Place soft knitted blankets and plush cushions on chairs and sofas, so you can cuddle up in comfort during the evening. Aim for a sense of “hygge”; this Scandinavian term translates as a state of cosiness and comfort, promoting feelings of wellness and contentment. Aim for warm tactile fabrics with different textures.

Your choice of furniture will make all the difference. A cosy sofa will allow you to really sink back and relax, and you can now buy sofas that recline too! So every member of the family gets the chance to put their feet up. Pick an electric sofa with a warm neutral fabric that will blend in with a variety of room styles. If you want the ultimate level of warmth but you have a lower budget, then choose a manual latch sofa with a super-soft jumbo cord cover.

Practical ways to keep the heat in

Of course, no matter what décor style we suggest, you do need to consider practical elements in your home to make sure you are doing what you can to reduce any heat loss. Check your windows and doors for draughts. Small leaks due to faulty seals can cause big draughts and a great deal of heat loss. There are companies that will repair windows, including UPVC frames, without you having to replace the entire window.

Check with your local council to see if there are any local schemes for insulation, either for the loft or walls. Cavity wall insulation can really help to warm up a home and reduce your energy bills at the same time. Although this may not be possible if your home was built before 1930, as older buildings usually have solid brick walls. In this case, you can have insulation board fitted on interior walls, but this will slightly reduce the room size.

Returning to décor ideas, a little can go a long way when it comes to creating a cosy home for autumn. By adding a few simple touches, you can transform your home into autumn and winter ready spaces. A few tweaks and thoughtful accessories will not only make a room appear warmer, but it will become a more welcoming space to enjoy the cooler seasons.

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