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As summer fades away and the seasonal shift approaches, we look at how the bedroom colour trends for 2022 are being used in interior design.


As summer fades away and the seasonal shift approaches, we look at how the bedroom colour trends for 2022 are being used in interior design. This year’s bedroom colours are lilac, green, brown, blue and terracotta red. So, if you’re looking to refresh your bedroom, here are some ideas to kickstart your home redecoration project this autumn.

Peaceful lilac

Lilac is on-trend this year for bedrooms. Lilac symbolises love in the language of flowers, which makes it a great choice for this romantic space. Its soothing appeal is ideal for helping you unwind and relax after a busy day at work. It’s also a versatile shade which can be used with a variety of different other colours; some might surprise you! Offset with a green or soft pink accent chair. But grey shades and pops of yellow or orange accents can look good too.

Lilac also connects with the botanical theme this year of floral prints and biophilic design principles. So, we suggest pairing lilac walls and furnishings with bold accent colours to offset your furniture and other bedroom items. Be brave and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Serene green

Green hues have been trending for some time now, especially as design styles focus on echoing natural colours. From soft sage greens to bold emerald tones, the idea behind this colour trend is to reflect foliage and plants, bringing the outside into your home. Sage green is a very calming colour and works well with a variety of pretty shades such as lilac, pink, pale yellows and blues. Offset deeper green walls with a warm mustard accent chair.

Green represents growth, balance and restoration in colour psychology, making it an ideal bedroom colour. It’s a colour often used to promote health, well-being and even fertility.

Sky blue

Bright blues are found in the skies above, continuing with the idea of colours found in nature. This year, Pantone’s ‘Very Peri’ is trending, which is a solid blue reminiscent of periwinkle flowers. Blue hues used on walls are thought to boost your mood and can help to relieve stress. Softer blues such as turquoise and teal can also help to bring more light into a room.

Bedroom storage can be a challenge for many smaller new-build homes or apartments. So, if bright blue walls are a bit too full on for your taste, why not add a blue velvet ottoman to the end of your bed? This furniture item will breathe life into a faded bedroom.

Warm brown

Earthy soil tones are another natural colour choice for a bedroom and can add warmth to a room. Statement headboards are bang on trend, and a rich brown is a great choice of colour for this bedroom feature. For your walls, choose a softer, more muted hue, which you can offset with a variety of furnishings and furniture. For a vibrant look, add a small reclining chair with a tartan cover or a glamourous grey velvet shell-style accent chair.

Farrow & Ball’s ‘Red Earth No.64’ is a soft terracotta and a feature colour for 2022. Use this warm hue to paint a set of trendy wall panels or various areas of the room, known as “colour drenching”. Or, you could find a similar hue in the form of a throw, cushions or an object.

An accent chair for the bedroom can transform a tired looking room into a vibrant space. Remember, your bedroom should be a space for relaxation. Keep this room clutter-free by hiding bed linen, pillows, makeup and shows in decorative storage stools and ottomans. If you’re a bedtime reader, you could also use this furniture to store your kindle or books.

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