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We've seen styles come and go over the years, and we always find it interesting when a retro look comes back into fashion. 

We've seen styles come and go over the years, and we always find it interesting when a retro look comes back into fashion. Yes, classic is back but our motto is to always ensure some timeless appeal when you redesign your home. Some interior designers are heralding the return of styles from the 1950s and 1960s, while others are proclaiming the 1970s as the on-trend look. Whatever your preference, we look at furniture that won't outdate quickly.

Modern with a twist

If you love the modern look with a mid-20th century appeal, then the Tilbury is a great chair. This swivel recliner has curves in all the right places, including the stylish matching footstool. Covered in soft leather with supportive padding, this chair could easily feature in a 1960s spy movie. As 2022 is all about retro nostalgic trends, opt for the sumptuous cream upholstery, and then all you need is a supervillain style pose and a cat to stroke on your lap.

Sixties revolution

Meet Riley. With sharp looks and a well-defined back, this chair nods towards early 60s design with an A-shaped side frame. But it's a purely modern concept. You can push back to recline this chair to an almost sleeping position. And the best bit of all is the fact that it's made from soft vegan air leather, which is breathable whatever the weather. So, no more sticky seats on a hot day and this chair will still keep you warm on a cold evening.

Hippy boho chic

Nothing says 1970s more than rattan furniture, interesting textures and sculptural curvy design. Let's look at the classic Rattan Hanging Egg Chair - the statement chair of this period. And the good news is that it's back! Whether you want to create a retro look indoors or outdoors, a hanging chair is a lovely addition to your home. The woven look and feel of rattan and wicker looks like it's here to stay, especially when it comes to garden furniture.

Blue velvet

And sticking with the 70s theme, we can't forget the use of gorgeous materials like velvet, which appeared in furniture, furnishings and even people's suits back in the day! A perfect example of a timeless classic is the Ascott. With its beautiful blue velvet upholstery and wingback design, this chair will stand the test of time for many years to come. If blue is too bold for you, then this recliner armchair also comes in several neutral shades too.

Swinging Sixties

Liven up any space in your home with a bold yellow accent chair that smacks of Sixties design. Covered in quality linen, Vera will make a great additional to a living room, home office or bedroom. This chair also comes in pink, two shades of blue, and a few neutral hues too. If you want a throwback style that has contemporary appeal, then choose this chair.

Timeless tartan

We love the Eden - this is still one of our all-time best-selling chairs. With its gorgeous tartan upholstery, this chair would look perfectly in place at a boutique hotel as well as your living room. Compact in design with a discreet recline function you would never know was there, this is a true timeless classic. When it comes to fabric, tartan is a perennial favourite, and seriously old! This patterned cloth is thought to date back to the third or fourth century AD.

Classic armchair

Trends come and go but a classic, traditional armchair is always a firm family favourite. The Darlington is a compact, versatile armchair that offers true comfort. Available in earthy tones which are bang on trend this year - charcoal, grey, blue and beige - you could slot this chair seamlessly into virtually any décor scheme. This small reclining armchair is ideal for nursing mothers in the early hours, who need a quick nap while tending to a newborn. One classic piece of furniture in your living room or any areas of your home will create an anchor for future years to come. Even if you decide to redesign the space, you will always be able to mix and match with other furniture and furnishings. Upscaling a tired room is so much easier with a timeless armchair. Because classic design really never goes out of fashion.

Whether you prefer the retro, vintage, classic or another throwback look, we have a vast range of furniture in timeless styles that will enhance your home. For advice, contact our friendly, expert customer service team - use our online web chat tool.

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