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With September only a short time away, soon the mass migration of university students will begin.

Whether your child is about to take their first steps into adulthood by moving away to study, or they’re facing their final year, this is always an emotional time for all the family.

Asides from the high emotions, as you prepare for that empty nest feeling, encouraging a practical approach to student living will help your adult babies transition more easily into university life. And, this starts with ensuring they have a suitable study area and a comfortable chair.

Where will they be living?

Whether your child is staying in university halls of residence or student accommodation, they will need a well-equipped workspace. A student room needs to fulfil many functions – studying, sleeping and, of course, some leisure time! If you want to make sure your child is getting the most from their studies, they will need a comfy, supportive chair.

What’s the size of their student room?

First, visit their student halls or house and measure the room size. Together, try and identify the best area in their room for studying. Consider the desk size; many student halls will provide a built-in desk area, so measure the height before you choose a suitable chair. Also, check where their laptop will sit on the desk. Similar to an office workstation assessment, make sure the laptop has some sort of stand to lift the screen, so it sits at eye level. This will help to prevent them from suffering from a sore neck from constantly having to bend to see the screen. 

What type of chair will they need?

Ideally, you should choose a chair that can easily be adjusted and one that offers good lumbar support too. This will help to reduce any aches and pains when studying for long hours. If the student room is short on space, then it’s worth considering a chair with adjustable armrests, so it can slide easily underneath the desk.

What other activities do they enjoy?

Nowadays, it’s unlikely that the chair will only be used for study – is your child an avid film lover or a fanatical gamer? The GTFORCE Evo CT Gaming Chair is a racing-style, reclining chair with striking stripes and superb support in all the right places. With its adjustable seat height and armrests, removable neck and back pillows, this chair can be tilted and it also has a rocking function too. 

Office Chair

GTFORCE Evo CT Gaming Chair

At Furniture Online, we have a great range of office and gaming chairs to offer in a wide range of designs and colours. From as little as £85, you can find a student chair that will suit your needs – perfect for those living on a tight student budget. Our office and gaming chairs are easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about any food and drink spills. What’s more, you won’t have to squeeze the chair into the boot of your car with the rest of your child’s belongings. Simply order the chair to be delivered directly to the student house or university halls. 

If you’re feeling nervous when it comes to your child starting the next chapter of their lives, ensuring they have a suitable study space will give you peace of mind. And, you can feel reassured that you have given them the best start for their new student life ahead.

Need help finding the right study chair for university? 

See our wide range or speak to our friendly Customer Service Team for advice. Our knowledgeable team will give you expert advice to help you find the right student chair. 

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