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People love leather chairs because they’re natural, full of character and gloriously hardwearing.

Leather furniture is a great asset to your home, so we’re sure you will want to take the very best of care. Follow these hints to keep your lovely leather chair looking in tip-top shape for the whole of its long life:

1.     Think Carefully about Where you Place your Leather Chair

It’s best to avoid direct sunlight, and position at least two feet away from heat sources. Sunshine, radiators, fires and heating or even air conditioning vents all tend to be drying.

2.     Always Read the Manufacturer’s Label for Care Advice

Different types of leather require different approaches or materials for cleaning. It’s best to use the right product from the get-go to maximise the beauty and long life of your chair. Remember that genuine leather is a natural product, so each chair will have naturally occurring “character” marks. Manufacturers don’t try to hide these marks as they are a natural, desirable feature of the leather.

3.     Vacuum Carefully into the Creases and Crevices of your Leather Chair

Richmond Manual Recliner Chair in CreamTo start cleaning, use a small soft brush attachment or a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Dust gently around the frame. This will stop small particles, coins and any other debris from scratching the leather during the next stages of cleaning. Leather naturally stretches a little with wear, and you may find that over time, the creases in your chair change. This is perfectly normal.

4.     For Routine Cleaning, say Once a Week, use a Soft, Damp (Not Wet!) Cloth

Preferably, choose a micro-fiber cloth to wipe over the leather surface. If your chair is used very frequently or has become more than usually grubby, you may want to add a tiny amount of commercial leather cleaner (follow manufacturers’ instructions). This will help to remove any grease or dirt build up before it damages or discolours the leather. It’s best to start from the top of the chair, and work down, following the grain of the leather. Remember to rinse your cloth frequently too! Gently wipe the chair dry with a towel to prevent excess moisture build-up.

5.     Here are Some No-No’s When Caring for Leather Chairs. 

NEVER use spray polish or other chemically based products, like leather wipes which may leave marks. AVOID using saddle soap or abrasive cleaners of any description, as they can leave a residue or damage the surface of the leather. DON’T use a hair-dryer to speed up the drying process - this will excessively dry out the leather and undo all your good work so far.

6.     Invest in a Good Quality Leather Conditioner

Apply this once a year, following the manufacturer’s instructions. This is one of the most important steps in keeping your leather feeling soft and looking fabulous. Have a look on Amazon or in your local department store for recommended products. If the leather on your chair becomes too dry, it will be unable to resist scrapes and scratches, and it will not look its best. Remember, much like our skin, leather needs moisturising. A well-conditioned leather chair could still look good for the whole of its lifetime.

7.     Keep your Beloved Pet off your Leather Furniture. 

Hard as it may be, prevent pets from jumping onto your leather chair and try to stop children from using your leather chair as a climbing frame (for safety reasons, as well as for the leather’s sake). Especially, keep shoes off the lower parts of recliner chairs. Leather doesn’t like being scratched or scraped!

8.     Avoid any Spillages – Clean Quickly!

If the worst should happen, and something does get spilled on your lovely leather chair, don’t panic! However, do clean up the spillage promptly, even if it’s just water, as this can discolour the leather, especially lighter shades of tan. Blot up the spill, rather than wiping, so as not to spread any possible damage.

Lastly, when buying a leather chair, always make sure that it has a warranty. At Furniture Online, all of our leather chairs have a fantastic 12-month warranty, so that you can rest assured that you have a quality chair. We also provide clear guidance on care and cleaning, to help you get the longest use possible from your purchase - and to make sure that your warranty stays valid. We have a super range of genuine leather and bond grade leather chairs which are easy to care for and keep clean. 

Marlow Rise Recliner in Tan

Please don’t hesitate to 
get in touch if you need any advice on how to care for your Furniture Online leather chair, or you want help choosing the perfect leather chair for you. Our helpful and dedicated Customer Service team are ready and willing to answer your questions, Monday to Friday.
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Extensive Range of Recliner Chairs here at Furniture Online. We have many chairs with leather upholstery and all are super comfortable.

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