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A child’s sleepover is a rite of passage. Whether it’s their first or one hundredth time, it can be hard to think up new activities and keep every child smiling.

So, how do you create the perfect sleepover for your child without spending a small fortune? We’ve listed a few fun, budget-friendly ideas and games below!

1. Theme it up!

For younger kids, choosing a theme for their sleepover instantly adds some fun. You can draw from this to inspire their snacks, drinks and games. Jungle, pirates, princesses, dinosaurs, space – the sky (or universe) is your limit! If your child has a house-style bed, you can decorate the frame to turn it into a fort, ship or spaceship.

2. Slumber time

Slumber parties can be combined with a foodie treat, such as a Pyjamas and Pancakes party. Everyone gets to wear their comfy sleepwear and they can choose their fave toppings. Before they get into their clean slumber wear, why not organise some face painting fun? Once they’re in their PJs, you can hold a gaming contest!

3. Pretty boho chic

Go girly with face packs, nail polish and your tweens or teen’s fave treats! Put on their fave film in the background and your role is pretty much done. If your child has a teepee-style bed, you could decorate the frame with pretty artificial flowers and twinkling fairy lights to create a boho vibe.

4. Musical statues

You can’t beat this old-fashioned game for putting smiles on small faces! Play their favourite songs and then press stop to see who’s able to stand still. Why not mix it up a little and give those who are out of the game a fun forfeit to do? Whoever does not freeze has to dance on one leg or you could have a Strictly style dance off at the end!

5. Name that tune

Play the first 5 seconds of a song and the children have to guess what it is. If no one guesses it, play for another 10 seconds and so on. You can give points out based on the amount of time it takes to guess the tune.

6. Sing a song

Warning! This one might require ear plugs! Write a few pretend song titles on small, folded pieces of paper and place inside a bowl. The child pulls out a note and has to make up a song. This can become an X-Factor style song contest as everyone gets to vote for their fave song at the end. Give a small bag of treats to the winner.

7. Would you rather?

Usually played during a long car journey, this is a great fail-safe when you run out of ideas. There are so many questions you could ask; the list is endless! Here are a few ideas: Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero? Would you rather be an octopus or a fish? Would you rather have super-strength or the ability to run really fast?

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with sleepover activities, especially when your child asks, “can they stay over tonight?”. Hopefully, this list will inspire you with some ideas! So, the next step is to make sure you have comfy beds for the sleepover. And this starts with your kid’s bed and a spare for friends...

Best sleepover beds for kids Here are three tips for choosing the best sleepover bed for your kids:

1. Check the bed base. A solid wooden slatted or metal slatted bed frame will provide a sturdier base for your child’s mattress. Your child’s bed needs to be comfortable.

2. Measure the room space. Before you choose your kid’s bed, measure the space to see how much room you have. Kid’s beds come in lots of fun shapes and sizes.

3. Make room for guests. If you do have room for a pull-out trundle from underneath the bed, this can be a great option for sleepovers and whenever you have guests to stay.

A great sleepover needs great beds! Instead of trying to blow up an uncomfy inflatable mattress, why not choose a new bed for your child that comes with a handy guest trundle?

At Furniture Online, we’ve recently launched our new bed collection called SlumberWorx® and DreamEco® mattresses. Our fantastic range includes novel kid’s beds with wooden slatted bases and lots of fun features! And many of our kid’s beds come with guest trundles too, so you can simply roll out the spare bed whenever your child has a sleepover!

Need a bed with a guest trundle for your child’s bedroom? See our brand-new range of kid’s beds and mattresses. For advice, speak to our friendly customer service team or use our online web chat tool.

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