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Looking for tips to create your own garden cinema?


Looking for tips to create your own garden cinema? We’ve put together a list of ideas and things to consider when you’re designing an outdoor space to watch movies or entertain. From finding a good spot to choosing the right tech and seating, we’ve got it covered.

Here are seven of our top tips to give your garden cinema real movie appeal:


1. Find a location
Will you have a silent cinema experience (headphones - best if you have close neighbours either side) or are you going full throttle with big speakers and surround sound? Think about how noise travels and the direction of sunlight if you plan to watch movies during the day. A shady corner of your garden is a great option, or you could huddle together under a gazebo, which will protect you from summer showers.

2. Project your film
Let’s look at the tech. There are a wide range of affordable projectors available online that connect to your smart devices. Aim for one with a quality picture, ideally 3,000 lumens. Make sure you have power or extension cables that reach into your chosen movie zone. If you need Wi-Fi, also check your router zone reaches into your garden. Booster devices can help you extend connectivity across your garden and indoors.


3. Makeshift screens
You’ll need a screen for your projector and a stand. But this is when you can improvise and use white material such as bed sheets, linen, canvas or even old towels! If you don’t have a handy wall or fence to hang up your screen, then you could construct a frame using garden canes. Or add rope or twine in between trellis or metal structures used for climbing plants, or across from your shed to your fence.

4. Comfy practical seating
Versatile garden furniture is the key to a great outdoor movie experience. If you’re going solo, an on-trend Rattan Hanging Egg Chair is the perfect way to curl up and relax. If you’re a family, then a comfy Rattan Corner Sofa Set could be just the ticket. This comes with a low-level table, giving you plenty of space for popcorn, drinks and snacks. And if you want to dine alfresco, then go for a Rattan Cube Dining Set.

5. Wrap up warm
During our British summertime, we’re lucky if we get a week of warm balmy nights, so you need to think practically especially if you have little ones. Bring some throws, cushions and blankets, so you can wrap up and get cosy when the night air begins to cool. If you love being outside all-year round, you could invest in an outdoor heater. And if you have the budget, a summerhouse can be a great space to watch movies.

6. Movie lighting
A few outdoor lights are all you need to add ambience to your night-time movie watching or just so you can sit back and look at the stars. Not only will this create a cosy evening zone in your garden, but it’ll help people find their way back inside when it gets really dark. Solar lamps are a simple way to line a garden path. Use outdoor candles to create a gentle glowing centrepiece on a stylish garden table.


7. Bring the outside in
Do you have a conservatory or living room with patio doors? Enjoy the balmy summer air drifting into your home with the GTForce Ranger. A durable, push back gaming recliner armchair, which enables you to watch movies, box sets or play your fave game. As we’ve briefly moved indoors, it wouldn’t be fair to leave out the Cinemax – the ultimate reclining movie chair with heat and massage functions.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor cinema experience at home, it’s important to choose your furniture carefully. Your garden is a versatile space which might offer you an endless array of opportunities for home movies, entertaining and relaxation. Thanks to cheaper, compact electronics, you can get creative using a low budget without breaking the bank. So, why not design a fun space that can be easily adapted and enjoyed by everyone?

Looking to create your own garden cinema, outside bar or the perfect al fresco dining spot? Maybe you just want a great place to relax and watch movies indoors?
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