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There's nothing better than a good snack. So here's some useful tips on how to enjoy them in your recliner.

It’s that time of year when most of us relent when it comes to comfort eating in front of the TV. And your choice of chair holds the key to the number of spillages you could be facing! So, we thought we’d share some practical tips to help you choose a comfy recliner so you can enjoy your fave drinks and snacks. We’ll share some great drink and snack combos too. 

Improve your viewing
Whether you’re a football fan, film buff or a soap fanatic, nobody can deny the power of a great drink and snack combo when you settle down to watch the TV. Whether it’s a cuppa and biscuit, crisps and dips, or you’re more of a charcuterie and fizz person, this is your quality time. So, make sure you pick a reclining armchair that allows you to put your feet up and relax with deep padding and full support. 

Keep it clean
If you’re partial to a Haribo or a sticky popcorn treat, then you need to think carefully about your choice of upholstery. Smooth, bonded leather or the latest leather-like technology fabric gives you the ability to wipe-clean any sticky spillages. And this applies to your fave drink too. If you’re a sports fan, you need to be prepared for spillages when the action ramps up to a feverish level and you jump up in a chair. 

Easy to vacuum
Tortilla chips and dips is an all-time fave snack combo. Whether you like a spicy salsa or a cool guacamole, this type of snack works well with a zesty lemonade. If this is your choice of snack, then pick a fabric recliner that can be vacuumed, so you can easily get rid of all those crumbs. Recliners come in a variety of covers, including warm linen and luxury velvet, and in a range of colours from grey to pink. 

Comfort and cocktails
Let’s get social for a moment. Your mates are round, and you decide to make some cocktails. You’re likely to be talking for hours (and hours!), which is why a comfy recliner is perfect. And you’ll need a snack too. Try a Bellini (prosecco with peach or raspberry syrup) with some dim sum or pizza bites. Take it to the next level with a White Russian (vodka, cream and coffee liqueur) and some BBQ chicken bites. 

Store by your side
Need somewhere to stash your snacks? Side pockets are the answer to having chocs, crisps and your TV controller close to hand. Most electric recliner chairs have side pockets, especially rise recliners which have controllers. This type of recliner chair can be operated so the chair both reclines almost to a sleeping position and rises to allow you to stand up, ideal for older people or anyone with a mobility issue. 

Keep it handy
There’s nothing quite like a cold beer after a long day at work. Pair this with a flavoursome cheese like cheddar, gouda or halloumi, and you’ve got yourself a great treat for the night or a lazy weekend! And what better than being able to place your pint within your armrest for easy reach? Choose a recliner with a handy drinks holder, so you always have your beer or another beverage close to hand. 

Heat and massage
We’ve saved the best bit until last because, quite frankly, what more could you ask for when it comes to your humble reclining armchair than a massage function? A recliner with an 8-point vibrational massage will target every ache and pain, along with a heat function to relax tight and weary muscles. Sit back and indulge with a glass of prosecco and choc-dipped strawberries to enjoy your very own home spa. 

There’s nothing better than unwinding with a tasty treat and a glass of your fave tipple, while immersed in the latest blockbuster or epic boxed set. As you’ve seen above, some chairs pair perfectly with drinks and snacks. And once you’ve added one of our beautiful recliners into the mix and to your living space, youve got yourself a great night in. 

Looking for a chair with side pockets and drinks holders, so you can enjoy your fave drinks and snacks? See our range of practical yet cosy recliners. If you need help, contact our friendly customer service team by using our online web chat tool. 

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