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There are so many things we love about the Harper sofa bed. It's foldable, comfortable, looks good, and it comes as a 1 or 2-seater. Read on!

What’s foldable, comfortable and looks good too? Meet the Harper, a truly versatile sofa bed with a fast and effortless click-clack mechanism for easy use. There are so many things we love about the Harper sofa bed. This practical folding bed is the perfect solution for when you need a spare bed or to enhance the use of a room. And it comes as a one or two-seater!

Here are five reasons why we think you’ll love the Harper too:

  1. Foldable sofa bed
    The Harper’s ingenious design makes it ideal for when you’re in need of a guest bed or just a day bed for chilling. Simply pull out the seat, lower the backrest, and the click-clack mechanism will tell you when the bed is in your desired position. This sofa bed can be unfolded to a fully flat position within a matter of seconds. So, you or your guests can enjoy some much-needed rest whenever you need a quick snooze!
  2. Foam-filled backrests
    Comfort is really important for any type of bed, but a sofa bed has to support you in different ways. When upright and in use as a sofa, the Harper’s foam-filled backrests will support you in a seated position. Whether used as a day bed or a full bed for sleeping, the deep foam padding will support your body. This comfy sofa bed will give you a good night’s sleep and the removable cushions offer extra support.
  3. Soft linen upholstery
    Covered in soft linen, the Harper is smooth to the touch. The quality linen upholstery offers comfort all year round. This type of fabric adjusts to room and body temperatures, so it’s warm in winter and cool during summer. Linen is also a durable fabric, which means it will stand the test of time. Just add your favourite bed linen and you or your guests can snuggle up in this cosy, comfy sofa bed.
  4. Four stunning colours
    The Harper comes in a range of glorious shades, so you can mix and match with your interior decor scheme. Choose from a deep blue, charcoal, grey or mustard shade. This collection of versatile colours means that the Harper will blend in seamlessly with any room type and style. So, you can easily place this sofa bed within a bedroom, spare room, study, home office or living room.
  5. Space-saving solution
    The Harper sofa bed enables you to either expand the use of any room in your home, or if you only need a guest bed occasionally. Also, a foldaway sofa bed is ideal for student houses or bedrooms, as well as compact flats and apartments. The speedy click-clack mechanism allows the bed to convert quickly, making the Harper a great solution for everyday living. And it offers a choice of seating arrangements too.

The Harper is available as a two-seater sofa bed and a one-seater sofa bed, which gives you lots of different options. It can be a permanent fixture in a child’s bedroom, ideal for sleepovers. This sofa bed can also transform a spare room into a usable space. As a seating solution, the room could become another place to watch films and sports when your lounge TV is in use. Simply unfold the sofa bed halfway to put your feet up and relax.

We love a sofa bed at Furniture Online, and we’re thrilled to introduce the Harper to our new collection. Whether you choose our one-seater or two-seater model, you and guests will love sleeping on this amazing foldable bed! Our sofa beds are fantastically versatile and are perfect for any occasion, from short-notice stopovers to space savers.

We have an exciting new range of sofa beds to suit a range of budgets! Need help choosing? Simply talk to our customer service team or use our online web chat tool.

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