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Most of us have been stuck indoors for some time now.



Most of us have been stuck indoors for some time now. For some of you, interior decorating may have offered a simple way to lift your spirits in troubling times. As spring is now in full swing, and summer’s only a few months away, this is a great time of year to refresh your home décor. And, a fabric-covered chair can help to invigorate a tired-looking room, as well as being a cooler option for warmer weather.

But before you swap your favourite armchair for a new model, take a step back and consider every detail. Your flooring, wall coverings and furnishings need to coordinate with your furniture. When choosing a fabric chair, you will need to consider several factors.

Here are five reasons why fabric chairs are perfect for summer:

1. Cooling

So, why do fabric chairs help you stay cool in warmer weather? Linen and cotton mixed fibre upholstery feel cooler to the touch on a hot day than other typical materials used for armchairs. This means you can regulate your body temperature more easily – and, you won’t have to prise yourself off a sticky cover! The Kenilworth Push Back Recliner is one such example, and it’s also ideal for compact living spaces.


2. Colourful

Fabric upholstered chairs come in a vast range of colourful shades, so you can mix and match to virtually any décor style. Whether you prefer neutral tones, or you like to make a bold statement, a colourful fabric armchair can become a show-stopping room feature. If you’re refreshing a room design, one tip is to create a colour palette that captures all your favourite shades, which you can then match to your chair cover.

3. Comfortable

When you’re comparing fabric-covered armchairs, comfort needs to be at the forefront of your mind. If you or a family member has any mobility issues or posture problems, then choose a chair that has special support functions. The Charlton Pushback reclines to an almost sleeping position so that you can take the weight off your feet. This chair also has a soft fabric cover with a supportive, tufted back cushion.


4. Fashionable

The trick with finding an armchair that blends in seamlessly with your room style is to choose a timeless design. Such styles won’t outdated quickly and can be introduced into a trendy décor scheme, even when certain designs seem out of vogue. The Eden armchair is covered with a neutral coloured, tartan upholstery that will easily stand the test of time. This chair also has a secret reclining function - you’d never even know it was there!


5. Versatile

As your new fabric armchair is likely to be with you for many years to come, it needs to suit many purposes. A classic armchair can be used in a variety of room settings - from sitting rooms to studies and large bedroom spaces. The Darlington Fabric Pushback is a beautifully designed chair with elegant stitching, which can recline for maximum comfort. This armchair also comes in a range of different colours too.

If you’re planning a spring refresh, so you’re summer-ready, why not consider a fabric-covered armchair? Our range of chairs are available in a vast range of shades, patterns and designs to suit all types of living spaces. And, we’re highly rated on Trustpilot too - see our customer reviews…

See our exciting range of fabric chairs for yourself. If you need advice, speak to our friendly, expert team of customer service advisors, who will be happy to advise you. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5.30 pm - call 0116 218 2900 or use our online webchat tool.




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