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There are many good reasons to buy a rise recliner and now they’re more accessible than ever before.


There are many good reasons to buy a rise recliner and now they’re more accessible than ever before. When rise recliners first came onto the market, the average price was a whopping £2,000! And yet our Furniture Online rise recliners start at less than a quarter of this price. So, if you’ve been thinking about buying a rise recliner, now’s the time to do so.

Here are three life-changing benefits you could enjoy with a rise recliner:

1. Experience true comfort and relaxation
Before we get down to functionality, let’s look at the structure of these chairs. Built solidly with deep padding to support every area of your body, the comfort level of a rise recliner is a real gamechanger for most people. And this is why super-comfy rise recliners are fast becoming the top choice with families, especially if you have visiting relatives or friends with mobility issues. These chairs have been upholstered with your comfort in mind.

Nowadays, when it comes to rise recliners, there’s a wide range of covers and styles on offer. Choose from bonded leather, linen, jumbo cord, or various types of soft fabric. Underneath the exterior lies high-density foam padding to support your body. Comfy enough to sit on for hours, rise recliners have been designed for you to enjoy a relaxing snooze whenever you choose. Ideal for anyone to enjoy, whether you’re retired or working full-time.

2. Gain independence through better mobility
Nobody likes having to ask people to help them stand up or sit down. So, this is one of the top reasons why people opt for a rise recliner. This chair helps you stand up, sit down and recline to an almost sleeping position. So how do these chairs work in terms of functionality?

Typically, the backrest will recline, and the leg rest will raise, along with the seat base which either tilts or rises to lift you up. With a single-motor chair, the backrest and footrest rise together, while a dual motor enables these two parts to move independently. The biggest benefit of a dual-motor rise recliner is the ability to enjoy a greater range of movement.

If you struggle to get in and out of a chair due to age or a medical condition, then a rise recliner will give you a sense of independence. This chair will help you to stand and sit unaided, so you can get on with daily tasks and household chores. Whether you are in your golden years or you’re younger and suffer from mobility problems, arthritis, sciatica or a condition affecting your circulation, it’s worth considering a rise recliner.


3. Enjoy less strain on painful areas of the body
When you have weakened joints or a painful back, you will want a chair that eases the pressure. Rise recliners have been designed with this in mind, which is why they are popular with older people. But we know that anyone at any age can sustain an injury or suffer from painful body and limb issues. Being able to easily recline, sit and stand can help to relieve back pain. And you can easily put your feet up too, which helps to promote better circulation.

Due to their functionality, rise recliners help to redistribute pressure across your body. When you’ve been sitting for too long, you can use the chair to move you upwards or downwards, so you can stand or lie down. For older people living in care homes, pressure sores from prolonged sitting are a big problem, which is why this type of chair is popular in this type of setting. As you can recline to a sleeping position, it’s a simple way to take an afternoon nap.


At such affordable prices, rise recliners are now more accessible to everyone than ever before! So, don’t deprive yourself of extra comfort and a better lifestyle. Available in a wide range of colours, fabrics and designs, our stylish rise recliners will suit any room décor. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, our models have discrete functions and are competitively priced when compared to a conventional armchair. It’s time to rise and recline…

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