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For many people, Father’s Day can be an impossible challenge. Dad says don’t buy him anything, he doesn’t need anything, and so on… Sound familiar? 

So, how can you think outside the (gift) box to find great Father’s Day gifts? We’ve done some research and have listed several gift ideas below to give you some inspiration!

  1. DIY expert
    If you often find your Dad in the garage, either trying to fix or build something, then a practical gift will go down a treat. He’s probably got every tool under the sun BUT does he have every tool in one? There are some great multitool gadgets available, such as pens with rulers, flashlights and other useful parts that will fit snugly in his pocket. He’ll never lose his screwdriver again!

  2. Home brewer
    Maybe when you do find your Dad in the garage, he’s usually tending to his home-brewed beer? There are plenty of beer kits on sale with essential brewing equipment, which your Dad might really appreciate! And if his home brews tend to be disastrous taste-wise, you could always sign him up to a Craft Beer Club subscription!

  3. Home chef
    Is your Dad a dab hand around the kitchen? When it comes to foodie gifts, there are so many options out there to match any budget. Spice mixes are a great addition to anyone’s kitchen, especially themed kits such as Indian, Thai or Caribbean. There are also some tasty sauce blends available, so he can perfect his jerk chicken, tikka masala or massaman curry! If you have a larger budget, go for a foodie hamper.

  4. Gastro time
    If your Dad appreciates fine cuisine, but he’s not blessed with kitchen skills, why not treat him to a fine dining experience? If you have siblings, you could club together to book a table. A Bib Gourmand restaurant is a more budget-friendly alternative to a Michelin star restaurant. Another option is to book a “chef’s table”. This is where a group of people sit around the chef, who prepares and cooks the meal in front of you.

  5. Literary expert
    If your Dad enjoys literature, then why not enhance his reading experience? A cosy reclining chair will enable your Dad to enjoy his favourite books in comfort. Nowadays, you don’t need a lot of room for a reclining chair; there are plenty of compact recliners available. Decide your budget and choose from push back, manual latch, power recliners, and even rise recliners that will help Dad get back on his feet!

  6. Fun activity
    Often, giving the perfect gift is more about the experience and making memories. So, why not book an activity day for some family fun? Go karting, archery and falconry are interesting options. Crazy golf is another great way to spend the day. There are plenty of indoor venues with creative scenery and circuits, including tropical jungles.

  7. Techy stuff
    If your Dad is forever losing his phone charger and likes practical gifts, you could buy him a charging station. Usually, these are flat charging plates, and there are lots of different options available. You simply place your phone, smart watch and even wireless headphones on the surface. Sit back and see your battery levels rise!

  8. Formula One
    Is your Dad a Formula One fanatic? If so, why not give him a racing-style chair? Ideal for work or a home office, the GT Force gaming chair range have go-faster stripes and alloy style caster wheels. Most of the chairs have air vents, bucket-style seats and Bluetooth capability, so your Dad can immerse himself in the thrill of the race.

  9. Car fanatic
    One crazy budget-friendly gift is a “cleaning gel” for inside your Dad’s car. You mould this malleable putty into crevices around the dashboard and controls, and it can remove even the tiniest speck of dirt! If you really want to treat Dad and you have a bit more cash, then you could buy him a driving experience. He’ll get to sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Aston Martin, or another supercar.

  10. Every occasion
    If you have exhausted every avenue, then you could always buy your Dad a new occasional chair for his living room, home office or bedroom. With a design and style to suit both modern and traditional tastes, this gives your Dad the chance to open his other gifts in comfort! An accent chair is a useful item he can enjoy for years to come.

Buying presents for your Dad on his birthday or Christmas should not be such a gargantuan task but throw in Father’s Day and it often becomes impossible. We hope we’ve eased your pain when it comes to this thankless task by giving you great Father’s Day gift ideas! And maybe you’ll just wonder where we’ve been all this time… Happy present buying!

Our recliner and occasional chairs are great gifts for Father’s Day. If you need any help, speak to our friendly customer service team or use our online web chat tool.

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