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If you’ve been watching the latest interior design TV programmes, you may have heard the latest buzzword: Maximalist.


What is Maximalism? How to achieve this look

If you’ve been watching the latest interior design TV programmes, you may have heard the latest buzzword: Maximalist. But what exactly is ‘Maximalism’? Think big, bright and busy rooms, with eclectic objects and vibrant furniture. This layered, cosy and curated look uses strong colours to create a room that mimics a jewellery box and conveys the story of your home. Let’s dive into the detail-orientated and eclectic world of the maximalist…


Maximalism explained

The polar opposite of minimalism, this look embraces every detail. Forget white walls and pale colour palettes, maximalism brings together an array of bold colours, styles and textures. But there is an art to this look; its not about creating a clashing, gaudy décor scheme. It can be harder than you think to successfully pull off a maximalist look. This style requires knowledge of the colour wheel, repetition and patterns, and how to curate objects.


Maximalism’s roots stem back to literature, music and art. The concept has recently been brought into the interior design world as a reaction to the minimalist look. Instead of removing excess items in a room, the aim is to curate a collection of colours, textures, patterns, styles, shapes and tone to create an intricate use of space. It’s not about hoarding and creating clutter; this look harks back to more ornate, historical times. Think Victoriana...


A maximalist room tells a story. It’s a well thought out, curated space with deliberate and careful object placement. You can combine bold patterns with strong hues, mix wood with woven items, and wallpaper with cityscape prints. But to truly succeed with this interior design style, it’s important to create a strong anchor within the space that ties everything together – for example, a rug or chair that contains colours used elsewhere in the room.


What is the maximalist look?

Choose a bold wall colour and create a feature wall with patterned or pictorial wallpaper. Make sure some of the colours in the wallpaper match the main wall shade. Offset with complementary hues, such as orange against blue, and pick a contrast colour for an accent chair or other items. Add a vibrant footstool to a living space or a statement ottoman to the bedroom. Arrange interesting curios, books, and artwork that tie in with the colour palette.


Below are a few other pointers to help you achieve the maximalist look:

  • Maximise your room space by placing multiple items in an ornate manner.

  • Use repetitive patterns including animal print, floral, abstract and geometric.

  • Don’t be afraid to blend a boho style with a more classical look.

  • Choose a mix of bold colours and exciting contrast shades.

  • Anchor the space with a large print, rug or furniture.

  • Layer fabrics and textures throughout the space.


How to achieve the maximalist look

Begin by allowing a ‘bonkers’ wallpaper to lead the story within the room. Next, combine colours in a way that dictates the narrative of the space, picking out similar hues to create accents for fixtures, furniture and furnishings. As you style the room, check whether your chosen pattern combinations work well together or simply clash. The aim is not to fill every inch of space, but to create an interesting and cosy space with an effective use of contrast.

Maximalism can feel daunting at first, so start slow and build up this look over time. Consider the objects you currently have in your home and think of new ways to present these. If you have a lot of random curios, fill a bookcase and play around with object placement. It can be easy to overdo the look, resulting in clutter and clashing styles. So, do some research into different maximalist looks to see how you can reflect this style within your own home.

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