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If you are looking to buy a recliner, but you’re worried about how much space they will take up, then a push back might be the answer.

Also known as a ‘manual recliner’, a push back allows you to recline the chair using only your legs and feet. This type of recliner comes in a vast number of styles too, so you can choose a chair to suit both the size and style of your chosen room setting. All you need to decide is how the chair will be used and by whom, so you can select the right push back for your home.

In this article, we look at the differences and advantages of choosing a push-back recliner: 

Perfect Choice For Smaller Rooms
Due to a simple mechanism located within the chair, push back recliners are generally much smaller in size than an electric model. If you’ve recently downsized, moved into an apartment, or you have a room full of other furniture, most push backs should easily slot in. Therefore, if you’re longing for a recliner chair, but have a room with limited space, a push back is a great space-saving solution.

Huge Range Of Designs 
Push back recliners come in a vast range of designs, from classic to contemporary, and there are a variety of different covers available. The versatile Ascott push back recliner gives you the option to choose between three different fabrics – linen, velvet and leather – which means you can mix and match this chair to multiple room styles. The soft bonded leather covers are a great option if you have small children and need an easy, wipe-clean cover.

Power Not Required
As no power is required for a push back recliner, you can place your chair anywhere in a room without having to worry about plug points! Push back recliner chairs are also easier to maintain than electric models, as the mechanism is powered by your own bodyweight.

Cost-Effective Option
As these chairs are power-free, push back recliners are usually much cheaper than some of our other recliners, especially electric dual motor recliners. Plus, if you’re looking to save energy, you won’t have to worry about adding to your electricity bill, which makes this type of chair a more sustainable solution, too.

Simple To Use  
Push back recliners rely on a manual mechanism. These chairs are easily operated by simply using your legs - move the seat backwards when you want to lie down and push forward when you want to get up. If you have difficulty moving your legs comfortably, then you may need to consider an electric recliner, which does all the hard work on your behalf.  

If you’re considering buying a push-back recliner, but you’re not sure what type to choose, then why not get in touch with our customer service team? Not only do they have great experience and knowledge, but they will give you expert advice to help you find the right chair for your needs. Call us on 0116 218 2900, email: use our online web chat.

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